Welcome to the Family.

Welcome to the Leisure Travel Vans Family.

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Thank you for visiting the Leisure Travel Vans & Triple E RV Owner's Resources. If you recently purchased a Leisure Travel Van or Triple E RV, thank you, and welcome to the family. At Leisure, we take pride in connecting with each of our owners, and value each relationship we have with you. These relationships are a key element in continuing to improve our vehicles.

Over the years, LTV & EEE owners have become like family. From the annual fall rally held in Winkler, Manitoba, to various chapter rallies and events, owners delight in sharing their enthusiasm for the RV lifestyle with other owners. Owners are glad to see each other at events throughout the year, and laughter and joy fill the room whenever the LTV & EEE family is brought together. We have compiled a list of resources together, from information on how to join a regional chapter, to the annual photo contest, to the annual fall rally and more. Our goal is that all of these resources will help you learn more about your Leisure Travel Van or Triple E RV, meet like-minded people and get the most enjoyment out of your purchase. Over the 45+ years that Triple E RV has been in business, we have come to realize that what's just as important as manufacturing a great product, is offering great support after the sale.

So go ahead, enjoy and peruse these resources. We hope they will be of some assistance to helping you enjoy your LTV product to the fullest extent. Happy RV'ing!