Centennial Ridge Trail

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Trail Length

12.1 miles / 19.5 kilometres

Route Type


Elevation Gain

4888.4 feet / 1,490 metres

Estimated Time

6 – 9 hours

Description and Tips

This trail is for fit people looking for a full day out in the mountains. While it is described as a point-to-point hike which would require two vehicles or a shuttle, those wishing to do an out-and-back would be advised to start at the South end (Ribbon creek). Starting from the North end (Pigeon), you walk gradually uphill through forest for just over 6 km before the views open up. A short distance later you reach a ridge top that can be followed all the way to the high point, at over 2,800 meters. Pick a clear day and this trail will not disappoint. Be aware the grades are steep at times with some easy scramble sections, loose rock and scree.

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James Smith

Leisure Travel Vans

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