2015 Blue Ridge Leisures Fall Rally – Gettysburg, PA

Blue Ridge Leisures
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On …. Off …. On Again!

We were excited for the Blue Ridge Leisures Fall Rally, however when an email informed us it was canceled we were disappointed. It was understandably a very hard decision for our Chapter leaders Jerry and Leona Knutson to make, but their focus needed to be on supporting their son in his trial with cancer. Keeping Daren in our prayers, those who were attending the LTV’s 50th Anniversary Rally in Canada decided we would still organize the BRL Fall Rally. On checking with the Knutson’s we got the go-ahead. Yikes, did I just volunteer?!

The Rally was on again! We extended the dates by one day and held it in Gettysburg, PA, on October 13-16. Many of the Chapter members had already made alternative plans, but a group including 7 LTVs, 11 people and 3 dogs got together. Some had attended previous rallies and others were new to the Chapter.


We arrived at the Artillery Ridge Campground right next to the Gettysburg National Park on Tuesday afternoon. After introductions were made we finalized our activities and tours for the next few days while preparing our potluck dinner, which we shared in the covered pavilion a short walk from our LTVs. After the delicious meal, those who had attended the LTV 50th Anniversary Rally shared notes from the technical seminars by LTV, Dometic and Mercedes Benz. We also provided a recap of the day-to-day rally activities. Those who had not yet attended an LTV Rally in Canada are ready to do so next year.

Gettysburg offered many different opportunities for sightseeing and over the next two days we took bus tours and self-guided tours and learned about the history of the civil war battles that took place in the area. We toured the museum and watched films depicting some of the history, toured the sites of interest that were part of Gettysburg’s history, and we even enjoyed some wine tasting at the local wineries. We organized breakfast and lunch on our own and came together for dinner and more visiting in the evening.


On Wednesday night we had an abundance of food so we finished it off together at the pavilion. Over the evening we discussed winterizing our units, monitoring tire pressure with different types of valve extenders, aluminum wheels, propane gas filling, and products for washing our precious LTVs. Thursday night we sat around the campfire and ordered pizza and subs—yes they delivered right to the campsite! That evening was filled with non-stop laughter as we shared stories from earlier in the day. Let me just say that the funniest one had to do with an LTV, pumping diesel gas, gas station attendant, and directions. Track one of us down at the next BRL Rally and we’ll share the story with you!

Although some of our group had to leave on Thursday due to other commitments, the rest of us left Friday morning. On the way out some stopped in Gettysburg again for some last minute touring and shopping!

The states represented at this Rally were NC, VA, MD, PA, and NY. We had such a good time that we look forward to getting together again!

By Debbie Bulgher from Blue Ridge Leisures.

Blue Ridge Leisures

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