2021 Great North East Travelers Spring Rally

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The 2021 spring rally was a very successful event. The weather was good and the location was a small RV park in Scarborough, Maine, that was overflowing with over 30 LTVs. Most were Unity models but we also had several Wonder and Serenity models and a Libero, as well as a couple of Leisure B.

We had a meet-and-greet on Thursday evening, where we all got to introduce ourselves and spend some time swapping stories around a campfire. Thanks to our very own “local”, Leigh Mundhenk, for pointing out the nice places to go in the Scarborough area.

Friday morning we had a Tech Talk. Presented by Bob Freese and Peg Schaefer, it was very informative, especially for the newbies. Thanks again to Bob and Peg.

Friday evening we had an ice cream social and a campfire in a Solo stove that was loaned to us for the rally by George and Donna May. Thank you for that, George and Donna, it sure made the campfire process a lot nicer and more enjoyable. Thanks to Karen Hill and Peg Schaefer for their help serving the ice cream.

On Saturday, campers had the day to explore the area. Many had fantastic electric bikes that they could easily ride to Old Orchard Beach or on the Eastern Trail. I really think that the electric bike is a great addition to one’s toy box.

Saturday evening was the pizza party/happy hour and raffle giveaway. Special thanks to Eileen Gotta and Jackie Shannon, who helped to serve up 20 pizzas.

Sunday morning we gathered for some breakfast treats and a short discussion regarding possible events for the fall rally in Vermont and rallies in the future. We really appreciate the input that we received. Check out was at 11am for most of us, but we had some rigs that stayed for another day or two.

Although this wasn’t an RV show, we had five couples that came to see the LTV model that they have on order and have never seen, and three more couples that came to see which LTV they would like to order. Special thanks to those who allowed these couples to tour their coaches – I would list their names, but I would be afraid I would leave someone out. Over 55 million people live in the Northeast and I think there is only one LTV dealer, forcing future LTVers to look at these rallies as defacto dealers. I don’t want to sound negative, we certainly appreciate all the support from LTV, so thanks to them and thanks to Wild Duck Adult Campground & RV Park for squeezing all of us in.

The pictures that are shared here were taken by Frank Gordon, Laurie Gagnon, and Bob Holtzman. A big thank you and great job to them.

Hope to see you at the next rally! Safe travels.

Written by Paul and Marilyn Goodwin

Great North East Travelers

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