2021 Leisurely Great Lakers Spring Rally

Leisurely Great Lakers
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With 2020 being a year that many people did not travel, there was apparently a lot of pent up desire to get out of the house. This resulted in the largest Leisurely Great Lakers rally ever, with 31 LTVs coming from 8 different states. The LTVs ranged in age from 2003 to 2022; the largest group was the 2018s at 11 units, and in second place were 2017 and 2020, each having 5 units. We also included a young couple that are eagerly awaiting delivery of their 2022 LTV, and they attended all 3 days of our event for a total of 64 people (unfortunately, I didn’t get a good count of all the cats and dogs that attended, but there were quite a few!). Many people had attended rallies in the past, but we had several folks who were new to their LTV this year and those for whom it was their first rally. All had a great time making new friends and catching up with old friends.

This spring rally was held at the lovely Evergreen RV Park located in Dundee, Ohio. This is right in the middle of a large Ohio Amish community, and we even got to see horse-drawn hay baling in the field right next to the park. The RV park had a great open-air pavilion that was available for our use for the rally, and boasted some of the cleanest bathrooms/shower facilities most attendees had ever seen. The indoor pool was a welcome place to cool off and relax from the warm days. The weather even cooperated, with sunny skies and 85°F daytime temperatures, and cool nights.

Our club leader, Cristi Swauger, put together a great schedule that gave everyone a chance to get out and explore the area and still attend the many group activities over the 3 days.

Holmes County Electric Bikes gave a presentation and answered questions on electric bikes, and many took the opportunity to try out the several bike models they brought with them. Another presentation was given by Craig Smith RV, with an emphasis on owner servicing the Ford and Mercedes-Benz chassis, as well as services they provide. They were able to bring and show a 2014 LTV Wonder that they use as a rental unit for people contemplating purchasing a LTV, to give it a trial run.

Several presentations by our own club members included the ever-popular ‘Tech Talk’, which covered a wide range of suggestions, fixes, and real-life experiences with the LTV. Another talk, which focused on ideas for how to plan a trip, covered many trip-planning tools available and putting it all together. A trip to Alaska was discussed, with many people who have made that journey providing lots of information for people thinking about making the trip themselves. Another well-attended discussion centered around how to properly bird watch. Many of us didn’t know there are right and wrong ways to use binoculars to watch birds, or about all the reference materials available to make bird watching more enjoyable.

Besides all the presentations, there were wonderful meals so no one would go hungry! Breakfasts and dinners were banquet style, with lunches being a chance to get out and try out the local Amish cuisine. Campfires and s’mores were there as perfect endings for each day.

Another activity was the opportunity to tour other LTVs and get new decorating ideas, see some of the great artistic abilities our members have, and talk about upgrades from batteries to solar to tire pressure monitors. This is one of the most popular parts of the rally and, personally speaking, it’s the most expensive activity as I go home with an extensive list of things to do! One of the best things about the LTV is the ability to personalize the RV to your style of traveling, to make it the perfect traveling companion.

The 2021 Spring Rally may be over, but everyone departed after having a great time and looking forward to getting back out traveling this summer. The rally must have been a success as the Fall Rally in Michigan is already sold out, with people on a waiting list! Looking forward to meeting all our new-found friends in the fall and hearing about their summer adventures.

Written by Bob and Maggi Sweeney

Leisurely Great Lakers

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