2022 North Conway Spring Rally

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Isn’t it great when your expectations are exceeded? The Great North East Travelers Rally of 2022 did just that. We had 58 coaches signed up and we filled the campground with friendship and laughter, all the while learning useful information about our LTV lifestyle. Our little group represented 14 states and the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Folks came from as far away as Oregon, Colorado, and Michigan. It was a lot of fun watching the many Unitys, Wonders, and Serenitys roll in.

At the ‘Meet and Greet’ in the pavilion, we had sandwiches and made introductions. This year we had a great PA system (thank you Henry and Roberta Duquette for the use of your system) so everyone could be heard. We each introduced ourselves and shared a story or two. All the stories made for a great time from tales of mishaps to funny things that happen along the road, it was an evening that will be remembered fondly.

The Saco River Family Campground turned out to be a great place for the rally as it is in close proximity to just about everything. We were just off the main road through North Conway which is lined with many shops, restaurants, and other places to explore.

On Tuesday morning there was a lot of excitement within the group as we had Komo Carriers come for a visit. They sold several of their fantastic storage units and installed them on the spot. What a great bargain and service to have at the rally. Even for those of us who did not buy a unit, the many conversations that the installations generated as people gathered to watch, were events in themselves.

A sizable group gathered for the hike led by Larry and Judy Chin. The day was warm but a slight breeze kept things bearable as people made their way to the trailhead, about a mile from the campground then off into the woods. It was a perfect day to be on the trail and the group made it back in time for a bit of a rest before the pizza party back in the pavilion.

Great conversations were going on as folks swapped stories and tips on traveling in an LTV. After eating pizza we took a break and we all hiked over to the office so Laurie Gagnon could take a group photo, thanks, Laurie. Once back at the pavilion we had a presentation by Marletta and Ed Maduskuie of tips and tricks they had gathered in their travels which was both entertaining and enlightening. Lots of folks were taking notes even though they are providing a PDF. Thanks, Ed and Marletta. We learned about apps, campgrounds, pitstops and rest areas, and even great bike trails to take on.

Wednesday morning we had a donut gathering. Paul and Marilyn picked up a great supply of locally made donuts from Leavitt’s Country Bakery right there in North Conway. They are officially the “Best Donuts in New Hampshire” and I don’t think there were any leftovers. Everyone gathered back in the pavilion with their coffee and enjoyed the morning with donuts and Josiah Wiebe the LTV Marketing Lead from Winkler, Manitoba. I think the depth of Josiah’s knowledge surprised everyone. He seemed to know every aspect of every model from every year, an amazing resource and we were all lucky to have him come and share his knowledge with us. Dale Shinneman presented Josiah Wiebe with a hand-made quilted wall hanging, with a Leisure Travel Van on it of course.

Most of Wednesday was free time and from what I understand there was shopping going on, napping, more hiking, and there seemed to be a lot of e-bikes zipping around. Later in the afternoon the Dueling Chefs Smoke ‘N’ Grille set up near the pavilion and served up some of the best BBQ to be had in New England. There was Bill’s Pull, pulled pork, T’s Pull, pulled chicken, and one of the favorites was the poutine which I know the guest from Canada enjoyed. It was a great way to have a final meal together. We also were entertained by Ed Stevens who discussed the Apple iPad and its value in traveling and other types of cellular connection we can all enjoy, and of course apps, lots of apps.

The finale was the presentation of awards. Recognition is always welcome and many thanks go out to all who volunteered their service and special talents to make this rally so successful. Thanks to Paul and Marilyn who are in charge of the madness, Laurie Gagnon who takes so many great photos, Larry and Judy for leading the hike, Ed and Marletta, Ed Stevens and Josiah, and all the folks who started so many great conversations. We all said our final good-byes only to gather again around the campfire. I think that Leisure Travel Vans makes two great products, the vans themselves and the lasting friendships of those who travel in them.

Morning came too quickly and with rain predicted, many folks got an early start thus ending another fantastic rally with the Great NorthEast Travelers.

The link to Ed and Marletta’s presentation.

Thank you Ed Huff for putting together this rally summary and video, you are a man of many talents and a true friend.

Written by Ed Huff

Great North East Travelers

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