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Each December, we gather stories from our LTV community about your most memorable travels and adventures throughout that year. From taking ownership of your LTV to exploring your home state or province, these stories touch our hearts, inspire us, and are the best way to say farewell to the year that was! Here is some of what our LTV community experienced in 2022.

Brian C.

“We were lucky enough to be able to attend the Western Sunsetters Rallies at Sylvan Lake, Alberta, and also Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. The rallies are always great events, and so many great folks to meet, share our travel stories with and swap LTV ideas with. We are lucky enough to own a 2012 LTV Libero, the finest LTV that Triple E ever produced.”

Bob B.

“From February 20, 2022, to September 29, we traveled 27,400 miles in our LTV “Big B.” That was 39 states and 8 Canadian Provinces visiting nearly 30 National Parks. We lost count of the number of state or provincial parks. To pick one highlight is impossible as there were so many.”

Michael F.

“After receiving delivery of our 2022 Unity Murphy Bed in the spring of this year, we decided to make our first trip a big one, from Lincoln, Nebraska to Vancouver, British Columbia. We had a wonderful, scenic, and trouble-free trip visiting our Canadian grandchildren for the first time in over 2 years!”

Eric B.

“Our wine country trip from Bend, Oregon to Paso Robles and back on the California coast was our highlight this summer after getting our 2022 Unity Rear Lounge. The trip was great except trying to navigate Hwy 1 north of San Francisco to Mendicino was an adventure in itself. Wouldn’t ever recommend traveling that section of the highway except in a sports car. Highlight, light show in a vineyard in Paso Robles.”

Jean-Francois T.

“In 2022, our travel highlight was to travel with another LTV from Québec to the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Alaska. This 10-week, 20,000km was extraordinary in our LTV. We boondocked most of the time in marvelous places.”

“En 2022, nous avons eu l’immense plaisir de traverser le Canada, visiter les Territoires-du-Nord-Ouest, le Yukon et l’Alaska avec des amis ayant leur propre LTV. Ce magnifique voyage de 10 semaines et 20 000km noua permis de camper sans services la plupart du temps dans des endroits extraordinaire.”

Ben H.

The highlight of our LTV travels in twenty-one states and six Canadian provinces this past year was our presence at the LTV Annual Rally in Winkler in September. It was great to get to see how “George” (our 2018 Unity FX) was constructed and fellowshipping with those who make it happen, along with others who are enjoying their end-result products, that was tops!

Becky S.

“We went to the Texoma Travelers fall rally in San Antonio. It was our first rally since receiving our Unity RL. We had been to two rallies with no coach previously. It was very informative and fun. We love our new LTV friends. The highlight was bringing our two cats along. We were hoping they would adjust to RV life and they did very well. Looking forward to our future adventures!”

Tom and Dianne C.

“Our 2022 LTV highlight started from our home in Bradenton, FL then on to Winkler, Manitoba. We were there for three days and had a great tour of the LTV factory, and a leisure stroll through the local Heritage Park. Then west to Calgary, AB, and met up with a Fantasy’s tour group at the Calgary Stampede for one week and then onto West Glacier for one week. Following the tour (on our own) we went through Yellowstone Park, toured a large ranch in South Dakota, toured the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame, and then back home. 6,800 miles total and our 2018 Unity TB worked great.”

Chuck S.

“Our travel highlight for 2022 was learning all about our new Unity RL. We took it on several shorter trips and then all through the upper peninsula of Michigan. It is the perfect unit for us and we could not be happier.”

Robert S.

“In October of this year, we purchased our used 2017 Unity CB in Albuquerque, NM. We had been looking for quite some time for one, and we didn’t want to wait two years for a new one. Our Unity only had 2,000 miles and once finding it, we flew out to ABQ on a moment’s notice with our dog in what would be considered a small duffle bag. On our return trip to Prescott, AZ, we stopped in many RV parks along the way. At one stop, we ran into a new owner who had just picked up his new Wonder in Arizona. On our way, we took a side trip to the Grand Canyon, bringing memories that we will never forget! What a great way to start our journey with our new (to us) LTV Unity!”

Alan S.

“Our 2022 travel highlight in our 2019 Unity IB was a trip from our home in the Okanagan of British Columbia to Empire, Michigan, and back for a family reunion with our sons’ families. Covid had eliminated any visits with them in 2020 and 2021. We traveled through Canada with no reservations except Banff and Souris, Manitoba (for two days to visit friends), and had a wonderful trip. The day we left Souris, we took the plant tour in Winkler and then crossed into the US, south to Grand Forks, ND, and then proceeded east through ND, MN, WI, and Michigan. Trouble-free, super weather, great campsites – fun and comfortable in our Unity!”

Bradley O.

“Getting our first RV and traveling to 18 state parks in Minnesota in our brand new 2022 Wonder RL was a real highlight for us. Another great memory was meeting Mike and Jennifer Wendland of RV LIFESTYLE at a rally in Elkhart, Indiana.”

Mark M-M.

“We began a 9-week fall trip to the Maritimes that was disrupted by Hurricane Fiona. En route, we enjoyed delightful visits with friends in Pittsburgh and Maine, then a week in and around Acadia National Park. Next was two+ weeks in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and the Cabot Trail of Cape Breton, with plans for a similar time to wander Newfoundland, followed by the Celtic Colours Music Festival back in Cape Breton. But while we were staying at the fabled Meat Cove campground at the farthest north point of Cape Breton, we learned that Fiona would be tracking right over us a few days later. We had to cancel the ferry and plans for Newfoundland (also in the hurricane’s track) and flee west into New Brunswick and back to Quebec.

Our fallback plans turned into a slow trip up the St. Lawrence and around Gaspe, taking in charming villages, farm stands, gorgeous scenery along roads where mountains meet waters, poissonneries, boulangeries, 3 Quebec parks, and 3 Canadian national parks. Back in the US, we returned through Maine, New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Vermont’s Green Mountains, Shenandoah National Park, and the Blue Ridge Parkway, following changing colors all the way. When we reached the Smokies, we turned right and headed home. We’re sorry for all the destruction and work Fiona caused in so many places we enjoyed–but grateful for the memorable experiences.”

Drew M.

This year we decided to see our own province of British Columbia, and took a trip to Haida Gwaii, formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands. We also took a side trip to the Nass Valley north of Terrace where there is a volcanic flow from 300 years ago. Beautiful scenery and camping facilities in both locations.

Terry B.

“In May 2022, MaryAnn and I traveled to Reno, NV, to attend an LTV rally with Southwest Roadrunners Travelers Club. Immediately following the rally in Reno, we led eleven fellow LTV owners, members of the Southwest Roadrunners, on a 17-night/18-day tour of Idaho.

Immediately following the Idaho tour, we continued east with two LTV owners through the Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone, Montana, Wyoming, Devil’s Tower, and Mount Rushmore, SD. On the border of South Dakota and Minnesota, the other two LTVers went their separate ways. We continued to Iowa and Wisconsin and toured the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We stopped to visit LTV friends who live north of Detroit. They were part of the 22 LTV caravan we had traveled with to Alaska in 2018.

After we visited with our friends in Detroit, we continued east through Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Long Island, and New York. We got on a ferry from Long Island to Connecticut and Massachusetts. After Massachusetts, we started back home to southern Arizona, stopping in Indiana to complete our goal to visit every state in the Union with our Unity. It took us five years to complete this goal! After Indiana, we continued west to St. Lewis, MO, and then on to Kansas City, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and home to Arizona.

Our road trip lasted 3 1/2 months, and we traveled 10,551 miles. We now have over 90,000 miles on our Leisure Travel Van. Thank you, Leisure Travel Vans, for building such a magnificent traveling machine!”

Eddie T.

“We had a great adventure going up the Alaskan Highway and experienced the jaw-dropping beauty of Canada and Alaska. We were gone from mid-May to September 4 and put 11,185 miles on the van, from Florida to Alaska and back. The drive to Alaska is spectacular.

Coming back, we took the Alaskan Highway Ferry from Whittier to Bellingham, so those miles were not on the Van. We love our 2021 Wonder RTB, as it can go anywhere and drives like an SUV. We boondocked all over and could do what we wanted because our size was just right. We stopped in Winkler to visit the factory and service center for some minor things and to see where the van was made. If you have doubts about buying an LTV, they will be swept away by the incredible service and attention to their customers. Mary in the service center has been there 25 years, and I swear she knows as much as a mechanic. Benji was also amazing with his kindness and diligence.”

Lawrence S.

Our major highlight in 2022 was purchasing our fourth Leisure Travel Van – all from Gerzeny’s RV World, Nokomis, FL. We started with a Freedom, then a Serenity, Wonder and now a Unity. Leisure is a GREAT company to work with and with local support from Grezeny’s we have a winning team.

Vanessa O.

“Our family’s travel highlight was the fact we traveled at all! After being locked down from the pandemic and then discouraged from traveling in our home province due to the forest fires and keeping vigil on our property. 2022 finally presented us with the opportunity to get out and enjoy our LTV. Since we now are full-time caregivers of my elderly mother (95), we wondered what was possible. For one, we needed to take an extra vehicle, as our Unity FX is for two. The rear lounge made up a nice bed for my mom right across from the bath. Perfect.

So we began with short trips at some Harvest Hosts in the Okanagan Shuswap Region. Easy peasy. Next, we took off for Saskatchewan to revisit the ranch my mother was born and raised on. Two weeks, fantastic. By late August, I decided to go for it and attempt a cross-country tour with Quebec City as a goal. Well, we made it that far and then some. We made it to PEI for only one night as hurricane Fiona was only days away, and we wanted to visit a cousin near Halifax. So we got going, had lunch with the cousins at their home, and bailed out before the hurricane struck. For two full months, we relished that we could take my mother and our two golden Retrievers across this beautiful country and enjoy so many memorable experiences with her. Every day was day one for her! Not bad for a gal who broke her hip a year ago.”

Lewis L.

“Our 2022 highlight was traveling to Sandy, OR in late August to pick up our brand-new Wonder RL from the good folks at Johnson RV.”

Mike and Carol V.

“2022 was a great travel year. We sold our home and left our former home state of Maryland in May. Our travel plans included over 12,000 miles over four months. We traveled across the northern states to Canada and on to Alaska.

We entered Canada in Manitoba and made a stop at the “mother ship” for a recall before traveling on through Saskatchewan, Alberta, Yukon, and British Columbia. We met for our 60-day RV caravan tour in Dawson Creek, BC, where we started driving on the Alaska Highway (all 1,390 miles). We navigated all 187 miles of The Top Of The World Highway (all gravel roads). We were on the lookout for wildlife throughout our adventure. We had a mother moose and her calf cross the road within a few feet of our front bumper, drove past a herd of bison, and lost count of the number of black bears we saw along the road. The views from all the routes we took were stunning, and our LTV was the only motorhome on tour with its lower, locked storage areas not filled with dirt and dust from the gravel roads.

Our LTV also road smoothly over the frost heaves, or at least we got jostled less than all the other motorhomes in our caravan. While in Alaska, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the North Pole, AK, and Santa. Santa was bigger than life, even bigger than our LTV. After viewing so many stunning glaciers and mountains, having a wolf chase our LTV down the road, and watching grizzly bears feast on salmon, we decided to take a leisurely drive back east and ended our travels with a week in the Thousand Islands/Alexandria Bay area. It will be tough to have a more enjoyable year traveling in our LTV, but we will continue to strive for excellent trips with amazing scenery and make new friends along the way, especially those we meet from the LTV family.”

Murray and Laurillyn H.

Over the past 18 months and almost 20,000 kilometres of being LTV nomads, we have many wonderful memories of places and people. Our singular highlight is an overnight stay at a donkey rescue farm in Oklahoma – our human hosts and the donkeys were very welcoming!

Teresa P.

“In 2022, we stayed in our LTV for our first time in a 55+ active adult community in Tucson, AZ. Joining four other RV couples that we’ve traveled with over the years, we soaked in the warm camaraderie and non-stop activities that come with staying in these types of communities. Located right off the bike path, we enjoyed riding the loop around Tucson, two-wheeling through Saguaro National Park, and bumbling around nearby mountain bike trails. We also absorbed a hike and sunset, viewing MT Lemmon, local eateries, and nearby breweries. There was so much fun had that we booked another month in 2023!”

Anne T.

“In May, my brother met me at Yellowstone’s Old Faithful to recreate a picture of my maternal grandmother taken there in 1911. The two pictures now hang in my LTV that got me to Yellowstone. In 1911, my grandmother was on a cross-country train trip with her college friends to be bridesmaids in a classmate’s wedding.”

Enid K.

“Now that we were both retired this year, we had the time to complete a bucket list trip: Route 66! We traveled “in reverse” from Santa Monica to Chicago, making countless iconic stops along the way. Our 2017 UIB allowed us to expand our travels to Columbus, OH, to visit our kids and then further to Niagara Falls and New York’s Finger Lake Region—all so beautiful! Round trip over 8,300 miles, without an issue whatsoever.”

Lori R.

“The knock on my rig’s door came early one morning when I was camping in the City of Rocks State Park in NM. When I opened the door, a group of 4 women stood eagerly eyeing my brand-new Unity MB. They explained they had been up early to hike the mountain north of my location, and when the sun poked its head above the horizon, it caught my rig and made it shine in the morning light.

Two of them had been recently deciding to upgrade their camping options and had narrowed their search down to LTVs. They had not been able to see an LTV in person because of covid and couldn’t believe their eyes when one appeared on the distant horizon. They had hurried to hike the 2 miles down from the top of the mountain, fearing I would leave before they arrived. I smiled at these resourceful ladies and offered to put on a fresh pot of coffee while giving them a complete tour inside and outside my LTV. They were excited to find a fellow single traveler willing to open their home to them. I explained to them that you don’t buy an LTV; you also get a whole community of like-minded travelers along with the deal. They stayed for breakfast, and I kept in touch with them. I plan to visit them on my 6-month road trip in 2023.

Not only do I love my beautiful new home on wheels, but I love how its beautiful design draws other people to it all the time.”

Michelle H.

“Retirement means freedom, and freedom means my Unity TB. After 32 years of teaching middle school math, I retired in June and immediately jumped into my LTV named Destiny. Four days after school ended, a friend and I jumped into my van and headed for The Last Frontier. We traveled around Alaska for three months, visiting every nook and cranny possible. Destiny performed perfectly! I am so thankful for my van, my retirement, and my life!”

Peter K.

“While traveling up the east coast from Texas to Newfoundland, we stopped at St. Andrews by the Sea in New Brunswick. The RV site on the ocean was majestic, the town was an absolute delight to cycle & stroll through, and the RV park offered wonderful lobster (cooked or live) at a very reasonable price.”

John M.

“We were fortunate to travel from our home in Cranbrook, BC, to the Yukon and Alaska in June of 2022. It was a trip with no firm schedule and a lot of incredible experiences, including spectacular scenery and wildlife sightings in their natural environment.”

Tracy B.

“We bought our 2014 Unity CB from a private seller in March this year. We had our first trip in June/July, driving from Virginia to North Dakota and back. I can’t express how much we love “Dolly”! She drives like a dream, and the quality of every component is easily seen. People don’t believe us when we say she’s almost 10 years old! Starting in January, we will go full-time with Dolly!”

Mark S.

“Our first cross-country trip! One month to travel from the west to the east coast…and back again. The two of us, plus the three dogs, saw great sights along the way, such as Meteor Crater, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse Point Park. We saw family, went to a wedding, and spent a weekend in New York City, and, of course, we visited a few wineries across the country. We were worried about such a long trip, but we all enjoyed it and look forward to more trips in the (hopefully) near future.”

Peter P.

“We had the pleasure of visiting Newfoundland this year. We arrived in late May and spent five and a half weeks visiting St. Anthony, Gros Morne, Twillingate, Red Bay in Labrador, Fogo Island, Rocky Barbour, and many villages in between. On the way home, we drove through the Gaspe Peninsula. Our 2020 Wonder performed exceptionally.”

Randy A.

“Driving to Moab with a good friend and while following the Colorado River witnessing rivers of water cascading off the walls of the canyon during a rain and snow event.”

Bob and Bobbi C.

Our best trip was this summer touring Newfoundland-Labrador. The vistas were spectacular and the people we met were very friendly, even more than the typical friendly Canadians. A must see is Gros Morne National Park and the Western Brook Pond which is an inland fjord with tall cliffs and pristine deep water. There are many must do activities but top of the list is visit a local pub, very open to ‘come-from-away’ people, and take part in a ‘Newfie Screech-In’.

Wherever the road takes you, we hope you have a safe and adventurous year of travel! Happy New Year!

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