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As we prepare to wrap up 2023, we want to take a moment to look back on the year we had. This year brought exciting events, the launch of new and exciting tools, and bidding farewell and happy retirement to a long-time Leisure Travel Vans team member. We want to thank our incredible community for all of the support this past year. This thriving community is what drives us to continue innovating and creating even better products for you. As we now have 2023 in our rearview mirror, we want to take you on the journey of what it was like through our windshield.

A Virtual Tour of the Leisure Travel Vans Factory

While we strongly believe that the best way to experience the production of a Leisure Travel Van is to take a trip to Winkler for a factory tour, we understand this is not a reality for everyone. With that in mind, we launched the first Leisure Travel Vans virtual factory tour.

This virtual tour takes you through every department in the factory, including a look into the office spaces. You’ll learn what happens at each point of production and how the various sub-assemblies play a crucial role in the main assembly line. Leisure Travel Vans is proud to have such a great group of employees who put passion and dedication into their trade every day. Through innovation, not only in our products but through employee ideas, we strive to create a working environment that’s healthy and caring. Employees at LTV are valued and appreciated, as they carefully craft and assemble each and every Leisure Travel Van.

Whether you’re a long-time owner or this is the first blog post you’re reading, we encourage you to watch the factory tour to experience a community unlike any other. You’ll not only discover the passion that goes into each and every motorhome, but you’ll feel it as well.


First Production Year of the Murphy Bed Lounge

Looking back on the first year of the Murphy Bed Lounge, it’s been an incredible journey. This all-new floorplan brings a re-imaged layout based on the flagship Unity Murphy Bed model and now features an all-new patented Leisure Lounge system and a redesigned modern interior.

Those who took ownership this year have raved about the improved space, the larger galley, and the abundance of natural light that comes into the coach during the day via the slide-out window. We’re so thankful for the support and excitement this floorplan brought, and we look forward to making the Murphy Bed Lounge even better in the years ahead.

2023 Dealer Summit

We welcomed LTV dealers to Winkler, Manitoba, to experience the Dealer Summit in April. This event was filled with factory tours, sales and delivery training, and much more. The dealers also had the opportunity to learn about products from suppliers such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Truma, and Firefly.

The learning sessions included general product knowledge, product development, answering questions about components, and even getting an inside view of what was to come for our 2024MY.

We want to thank all the dealers who made it out for the 2023 Dealer Summit. It was great putting faces to names and getting to know everyone more personally, which made this event one to remember.

Our Largest LTV Fall Rally

The 2023 LTV Fall Rally was one for the books, and what an amazing event it was. September 6–9, 2023, we saw LTVs from all over North America get together at Winkler Bible Camp to participate in the largest LTV Rally to date! In total, there were 116 LTVs in attendance, which equated to over 250 people. Attendees were treated to many activities, including factory tours, seminars, a cidery tour, coffee tasting, a cooking competition, entertainment, and even archery and zip-lining. Our 2023 Annual Fall Rally was a huge success, and we are excited to begin planning the Rally for 2024. We will be releasing the lottery to attend the 2024 Rally in the coming months, so stay tuned for more information. While you’re at it, you can read about the fun we had in this Rally recap post by LTV Explorer Lori Rabey.

The Leisure List

Throughout the year, we like to curate lists that RV owners can reference to plan their travels. This past year, we delivered a Road Trip Playlist series and Floorplans Guide filled with reviews by current owners. Like all lists, each of these brought in a multitude of submissions from LTV owners and camping enthusiasts. Our goal was to uplift travels with tunes handpicked and placed in curated playlists, and to assist prospecting Leisure Travel Van owners in determining which floorplan is the right fit for them.

With the excitement of adding new series to our ever-growing Leisure List Collections, we launched a brand-new tool to house all these Leisure List submissions. We took the thoughtful submissions already inside The Leisure Lists and wove them into a user-friendly hub that allows you to gather inspiration for your next road trip.

Explore the all-new Leisure List

11th Consecutive DSI Quality Circle Award

We were honored to receive our 11th consecutive RVDA DSI Quality Circle Award this year. Along with this outstanding award, Leisure Travel Vans was ranked the top motorized brand and received a perfect 100% Net Promoter Score® (NPS). RVDA presents this award to RV manufacturers with the highest rating in the Association’s Dealers Satisfaction Index Survey. The DSI measures dealers’ overall satisfaction with manufacturers with whom they do business.

“We feel so grateful to be the recipient of the DSI award for the eleventh year in a row,” commented Ryan Elias, President of Triple E RV. “This award reflects the collective efforts of our community, including our employees, dealers, suppliers, and customers. While receiving applause is customary, the cheering for Leisure Travel Vans this time around made us feel truly valued! Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey!”

Ryan Elias, President of Triple E RV, accepts the DSI Quality Circle Award.

The Top Blog Post of 2023

Every week throughout the year, we publish a new blog post. This year, we published over 59 posts written by LTV owners and received over 400,000 page views on these inspiring stories. Much of the content is created by our very own Leisure Explorers Team. In 2023, the best-performing blog post was Essential Tools & Items to Carry by Leisure Explorer Team members Kurt and Teresa Pennington.

This story stems from the common session held at Rocky Mountain LTV Travelers Club Rallies called “Tech Talk.” Kurt commonly shares experiences, tips, new gadgets, and ideas about owning a Leisure Travel Van. He also asks those in attendance who are all new owners to the group, which segways into a discussion about what others may consider “essential items” to carry. This story is filled with all of the items Kurt and Teresa carry on in their LTV travels and what they would consider essential. They hope new owners use this as a reference before taking off on their maiden voyage.

Farewell and Well Wishes

The end of 2023 marks an end of an era at Leisure Travel Vans. The era of Don Klassen. Don has been with the company for 26 years, serving many roles throughout his early years, and as a Territory Sales Manager for nearly two decades. Throughout his career, Don has left a giant impact on our community through his warm, relational style of serving his customers and dealers. We thank Don for his outstanding service and unwavering commitment to the company and wish him all the best in retirement. Send Don your well wishes in the comments below!

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and that 2024 will be a year filled with exciting adventures, scenic routes, and unforgettable experiences. All the best in 2024!

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