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Each year, we look forward to gathering stories from our LTV community about your most memorable travels and adventures throughout the year. From taking ownership of your LTV, exploring your hometown, state or province, or experiencing a brand new place, these stories touch our hearts and drive our passion to innovate and create new products and experiences for you. These stories are the best way to say farewell to the year that was. Please enjoy some of what our LTV community experienced in 2023.

Jim & Sue M.

“We enjoyed many, many trips in our LTV in 2023, but our trip to the Rally in Winkler, Manitoba, was a highlight for us!”

Jeff B.

“We had a very enjoyable 2023 in our Unity Twin Bed. First visited Meteor Crater monument near Winslow, Arizona, and Standing on the Corner in Winslow, Arizona. We then moved on to Death Valley National Park, stopping at Van City, Las Vegas, where snap pads were installed on the levelling jacks (excellent service from Nina Paulsen). On the next trip, we met friends in Branson, Missouri, and then our fall trip through the Smokey Mountains. Our 2022 Unity performed flawlessly, and we look forward to 2024 adventures.”

Nicole G.

“We picked up our Unity Murphy Bed in Kelowna, British Columbia, early October 2023. As this was our first RV and knowing we were traveling across Canada to head home to Ottawa before the cold hit, we knew we were in for significant learning. Never having traveled in the Rockies, never having seen the Great Plains, never having boondocked, our adventure was fulsome and made us love our Unity Murphy Bed even more. We traveled over 4,700 kilometers, slept in desolate provincial parks since it was the end of the camping season, and stayed at Harvest Hosts sites ranging from breweries to golf courses; all of it was a highlight. Our LTV is everything we could wish for. We can’t wait for the 2024 season to start again, this time in warmer weather!”

Mike T.

I went on a tour of the Canadian Maritime islands and took a ride on the Funday Bay 28-foot tides, something you have to do to believe. I slid in mud as a 69-year-old, acting like a kid again, and saw large icebergs and whales. We went to places many folks will never see and explored lighthouses and some interesting small communities. The friends I had and the ones I met were some of the best experiences I have ever had in my Unity, and I would do it again.

John H.

“A 60-day tour with Fantasy RV through Alaska and Canada. Our LTV performed flawlessly! We also attended two LTV regional rallies. What a great community!”

Cynthia D.

“Meandering for three weeks through the beautiful state of Oregon with five fantastic LTV couples was our travel high point this year. It was wonderful to share with the best companions, from beautiful Bend to snowy Mt. Hood to the mighty Columbia to the shores of the sunny Pacific Ocean.”

William R.

“Our two rallies with the Carolina LTVers were truly outstanding. In October, we enjoyed Pigeon Forge, Tennesse, with our LTV friends in May and Cleveland, South Carolina.”

Jeanne B.

“This was our first year with our Leisure Travel Van. We had our maiden voyage overnight at Beverly Beach, Flagler, Florida. We got to know our new LTV inside and out. Our next excursion was to New York, where we camped at Croton. We enjoyed stops in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The ease of driving and the comforts of home make our LTV a perfect fit for us.”

Chris & Christine A.

“We are touring musicians and use our 2021 Unity Murphy Bed, The Great White, to travel between shows, as a green room/dressing room, and a place to relax between sets. It is good for us as our doggie, Dani, can go with us, and we use the auto-gen start feature to make sure she is cool or warm, comfortable, and safe. We also enjoyed that most of our music gear fits in the outside closet and the various storage areas. People are always asking us about our LTV and wanting to see and hear all about it. Of course, we don’t mind showing it off.

We had tours from the Florida Keys to North Carolina, from Texas to New Orleans, and all across the South. We even had shows in the Midwest, Nebraska, Illinois, and Kansas, to name a few. We made a couple of rallies this year; the best was the South West Roadrunners Lake Powell trip. We saw the eclipse in West Texas at the Balloon Fest in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and then the rally, where we met many nice LTVers. We left there and hit the Grand Canyon, Monument Park, and our favorite highway, Route 66, headed home.

However, we must say that we often jump in the LTV and go on “Sunday drives” with no destination in mind, just seeing the sites and pulling over for a snack or a nap when we are ready–Florida is good for that. With 40K miles in this unit under our belt, it is safe to say we love it! All the best in 2024!”

Daniel G.

“Acquired in October 2023, our Unity FX made our 12-day journey from Edmonton to the South shore of Montréal exceptional. Despite its brevity, the experience was rich in travel freedom and stunning landscapes. In 2024, we plan a 3-month trip through the Canadian West, including the Rockies. We are highly satisfied and confident that our Unity FX will add immense value to our future getaways. The best is yet to come!”

Ray SP.

“We picked up our new (to us) 2022 Unity Rear Lounge from Phoenix, Arizona, this past October and drove it 1,200 miles to our home in Talent, Oregon. Since then, we’ve been to the Oregon Coast twice and continue discovering how wonderful this RV is. Never mind that we discovered the skylight and fan insulating pads after we had put her away for the winter! Looking forward to more adventures with our new friend.”

Robert C.

“Our 2023 highlight is that we were able to travel at all. I had shoulder replacement surgery in March and was not permitted to begin physical therapy until May. Therapy continued until September. While I was not, and am still not, released by my therapist, we decided to take a trip—a six-week trip to Colorado to see our daughter and her family. At my urging, we took our Unity Corner Bed, which was still winterized. We figured that, depending on circumstances, we could de-winterize on the fly. Well, circumstances did not permit de-winterizing, but they didn’t prevent us from enjoying some camping.

We first went to Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico. While we stayed on site, there were no hookups, but there were toilets and a sink. We had a wonderful time hiking and learning about the Ancient Puebloans. The temps were pleasant during the day and quite chilly at night. After spending the early part of a day exploring Los Alamos and learning more about Oppenheimer and the Gadget, etc., we headed to Mesa Verde National Park near Mancos, Colorado. Since the campground in the park was closed for the season, we stayed in Mancos State Park, a short drive from Mesa Verde. We were the only ones in the campground. Again, there were no hook-ups. Following the rules, we did not run the generator all night. When we awoke the next morning, it was 39 degrees in the RV! Engage, generator, fire-up furnace and space heater, and, voila, warmth! Mesa Verde, to say the least, is amazing! The views are spectacular, and the additional knowledge gained about the Ancients was wonderful. On our last night out, we stayed in a private campground with an electric hook-up and a bathhouse with nice warm showers! On a Facebook page of LTV owners, we learned about commode liners. These allowed us to use the commode at night while keeping the plumbing dry as a bone.

While our Unity Corner Bed has a generator and solar panels, we learned that we can enjoy late fall camping even while still winterized and without constantly running the generator. In some ways, we enjoyed this late-season trip even more because there were fewer people and no bugs in the campgrounds! My shoulder seems to have tolerated the trip just fine, and we look forward to starting out on new adventures earlier next year. Best wishes to everyone in the LTV family for a joyous and peaceful holiday season!”

Michael C.

Our highlight was picking up our LTV after a two year wait and driving it home on unseasonably dry roads west to Vancouver Island–we made it in four days. Our LTV ran very smoothly and the house portion met all of our needs. We can’t wait for winter to be gone and to get on the road again.

Wendy W.

“We traveled to Utah from Texas with our two little dogs in our Unity Rear Lounge to the five national parks. One highlight of our trip was when we were able to ride horses and mules into Bryce Canyon National Park!”

Sonya M.

“Our travel highlight was the trip to Winkler for the 2023 Fall Rally. Besides the Rally, there are two places we stayed that stand out. The first was a fishing access site on the Blackfoot River in Montana. Special because we stumbled upon this spot, and it was not planned. We also really liked Russell Gates Memorial Fishing Site. Maybe eight sites and just one left by the river were perfect for us—no hookups, only boondocking. As a side note, there were a couple of pit toilets. I overheard a mother taking her very young son to the toilet. I heard him complain he didn’t want to go in because of the smell. She said, “It’s okay, this isn’t like the last one; it smells like cookies.” Skeptical, I discovered later that someone had hung a car air freshener in this one, which smelled like cookies.

The second highlight was planned, but as a first-time visit, we didn’t know what to expect. On the way back from the Rally, we made reservations for a harvest host, also in Montana, called Wild Rye Ranch. It has a beautiful view and such a peaceful location to spend the night. The sausage was good, too.”

Sting F.

“For us, the road trip to the Great Basin National Park last October to witness the Solar Eclipse.”

Paul L.

“It all started on October 20, 2023, when we took our Unity Murphy Bed to the customer service in Winkler to have the step motor replaced, and when returning home to Brandon, Manitoba, we had to travel through ice, snow slush, and extremely high winds. Upon getting home, I fueled up the motorhome before putting it away for the winter and thought I would like to wash it off to get all the slush and salt off. Well, between my old, tired, estimating eyes and the fuel attendant, we determined the entrance to the car wash wasn’t 12 feet high. Ok, I’ll say it: I smashed the air conditioner and had to replace it. So I got onto the phone with customer service at Winkler, spoke to Mary, who is so helpful and set up an appointment to replace the air conditioner.

So I would like to give a big thank you to Mary Fehr and Kevin Friesen, who were so accommodating and got the motorhome all fixed up so I could put it away for the winter without a damaged air conditioner. I’m sure glad to own a 2020 Unity Murphy Bed. The customer service and the company as a whole are exceptional when needed. I also want to thank Darrell Heide, who got me out of a predicament with the auto levelers.”

David M.

“Travel highlights have now become family highlights. Downsizing from our big diesel pusher to our Unity FX allows us, in our early eighties, to continue visiting family and attending grandchildren’s events in our own convenient comfort.”

Mary Ann C.

“Hiking on leaf-covered trails and painting McGinnis Lake, Holly State Park. Located 53 miles north of Detroit, Michigan, this popular recreation area is bustling in the summer. We enjoyed the quiet solitude and grey skies of November camping.”

Charlene S.

“There were many great highlights, including attending the Winkler Rally in September, meeting Dean, and taking an amazing factory tour, but the highlight for us was our trip locally to Page, Arizona, with the Southwest Roadrunners. It was well organized, and what a stunning place to park our rig, Scooter. Wahweap was clean and provided stunning views of Lake Powell. So much to do.”

Jeffery E.

“My 2023 travel highlight was while on my 3,400-mile trip. I got to experience the beauty of the United States in general; however, my experience in Branson at the Sight and Sound theatre watching the most magnificent show of my life, Queen Ester, was great.”

Barbara S.

“Our LTV highlight was our six-week trip from North Carolina to Nova Scotia. We loved exploring Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail in our 2022 Unity Rear Lounge.”

Ray P.

“Taking our new-to-us Unity Murphy Bed on a quick trip to Tennessee, staying at Henry Horton State Park (really nice), and then hot-footing it to Rifle Gap State Park in Colorado and enjoying every minute on the road and in those parks!”

Jack R.

Traveling, as Gordon Lightfoot says, “all the way to Gaspe.” It is a spectacular drive with incredible views. Great introduction to the beauty and pleasures of travel in Canada.

Bill C.

“Thank you for helping us achieve our lifelong dream in 2023 of a 100-day, 12,000-mile cross-country trip in our Unity Murphy Bed. We experienced things we will never forget, including one month in the Upper Peninsula with 24 other LTVs, a week in beautiful Page, Arizona, with over 60 LTVs, plus the highlight of our trip, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.”

Tim H.

“Our highlight for 2023 was the LTV Canadian Maritimes Tour. There were 23 LTVs, with almost half coming from our Texas group. We had a great time caravanning up to Maine and then into Canada. We toured Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island–both were beautiful. We ended our Canada portion at the amazing Niagara Falls.”

Enid K.

“2023 included two major milestone highlights involving our LTV! The first was driving from our home in Washington state to Columbus, Ohio, to welcome our first grandchild in early March. It was a treacherous drive at times, through snow, ice, wind, and rainstorms, but our LTV handled it all perfectly and provided us comfortable accommodations in the driveway of the new parents’ home.

The second highlight was living comfortably in our LTV for a month between selling our home and completing our new home in Colorado. The LTV ensured we had a place to stay and even towed one of our cars during the long-distance move. We certainly appreciate all of the ways our LTV has served us!”

Janet W.

“We love history, and this summer, we set out from our home in Idaho to find South Pass City and Fort Bridger, Wyoming. What a great adventure in a beautiful country.”

Joel S.

“My highlight this year was visiting Bottomless Lakes State Park in New Mexico—a unique geographic area with hiking and biking trails.”

Brad O.

“This year’s highlight was starting our 6-week, 10-state adventure by attending the LTV Fall Rally in Winkler, Manitoba. Getting to meet the employees and other LTV owners was very gratifying. Even though we had never met any of them before, it felt like coming home to a family reunion. We enjoyed a 10-state adventure from the Rally that took us from Minnesota to the Pacific Northwest in our 2022 Wonder Rear Lounge.”

Robert S.

“One of our annual highlights of traveling with our 2019 Unity is repeat return visits to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. They have several festivals throughout the year at Silver Dollar City, and we especially like to visit during the craft and pumpkin festival in the fall. During this festival, many craftsmen come from far and near to display their handmade crafts. The campground is nestled in the heart of the Ozarks, a very peaceful, comfortable setting. The year’s final festival is the Old Time Christmas, where they have 6.5 million Christmas lights and many professional shows to attend.”

Bill R.

Our highlight reel for 2023 includes a two-and-a-half-month trip from mid-July to late September. We live in upstate New York and took a western swing through Colorado, South Dakota, and North Dakota before crossing into Canada and making our way to the LTV Fall Rally in Winkler, Manitoba. After the Rally, which was wonderful and included meeting and making many new friends, we stayed in Canada and hugged the northern coast of Lake Superior as we began to make our way east—spectacular geography and scenery. We then came back to the USA via Sault Ste. Marie and the Northern Peninsula of Michigan took another week or so from there to arrive back home. 75 days, a little over 8,000 miles, lots of fun and wonderful memories.

William M.

“The best adventures are those where you have no baseline and don’t know what to expect, and that was going to Sun Valley, Idaho, from Houston, Texas. We saw the Dinosaur National Monument, Stanley, Idaho, and Canyonlands National Park, which were all unexpected. Granted, the big brother of Canyonlands, Arches National Park, was great as expected, but Canyonlands vistas and other sites to be visited have us wanting to return.”

Colleen C.

“This year, my husband and I flew to Colorado to purchase our first Unity FX RV! Thrilled, psyched, and clueless, we returned to New York. Our first stop was Lake McConaughy State Park in Nebraska. It is amazing! It is a true hidden gem-white sand beach with large sites, beautiful lake views, and no crowds. Needless to say, we are hooked!”

Alan H.

“We did our first test camping over December 8, 2023. Other than a minor issue with the gauge for propane on the screen, it was a good camping experience with our brand-new 2024 LTV Wonder Rear Twin Bed. We also brought our 12-year-old cat with us, and she adapted well to the experience.”

Steve M.

“Since purchasing our 2020 Unity Twin Bed, my sister, who lives in San Diego, has jokingly said, “I expect that to show up in my driveway someday.” We live in Massachusetts. This past September, we showed up in her driveway completely unannounced. The best surprise ever. We toured Utah on the way home, which we will remember and talk about for a long time. This was our first trip west of the Mississippi, but certainly not our last.”

Mike O.

“My wife and I had a very exciting time in Utah for the month of September. Our goal was to hike the Big Five National Parks, and let me tell you; we were not disappointed. Each was unique and amazing. Our 2017 Unity Twin Bed served us well as we pulled our motorcycle trailer, boondocked for half the trip in some precarious BLM land, and navigated Utah’s mountains. It was a trip to be remembered. I would encourage anyone to visit this beautiful state at least once in their lifetime.”

Sam G.

“In early June, we began our two-month journey of more than 6,700 miles in our 2016 Unity FX by crossing Lake Michigan on the SS Badger. In this picture, the Badger crew is driving our FX off the ferry at the pier in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, while we look on from above.”

Ian J.

“Elaine and I traveled through Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes, and Newfoundland. The most enjoyable part of the trip was exploring Newfoundland and becoming an honourary Newfie, which involved kissing a codfish and pounding shots of Screech!”

Mark M.

“After 50-plus years of RV’ing, we decided to sell our 43-foot diesel pusher and immediately regretted it. But serendipity stepped in as we went to an RV show and walked out with Champ, a 2022 Unity FX. Champ has rekindled what RVing is all about the freedom to go anywhere, anytime, and with far more convenience and less stress. Our favorite place would have to be wherever we stopped for the night—best wishes to all our LTV friends.”

Jeff T.

“We are heading home after picking up our Unity Rear Lounge in Ohio. A wonderful set of Harvest Host stops, made possible by the high quality and dry camping ability of the motor homes you make. We had one in 2015, and we love our 2024 even more!”

Ross & Allison C.

“Many LTVers rightfully report on the beautiful places they have been, and we could do that also. But while we enjoy the travel, meeting a wide diversity of wonderfully interesting people is also what makes our RV travels so memorable.

For example, In Banff, Canada, in Tunnel Mountain Trailor Park, we were beside a delightful young couple from the Netherlands. Unfortunately, they locked themselves out of their rented RV. While a technician worked on gaining access, we offered a warm place for the young mother and baby to shelter. That led to another evening of exchanging stories. The husband worked for a Canadian company from home in Holland, so his English was excellent. It also allowed us to see inside one of the CanaDream rental RVs we saw so many of on the road. We parted ways after exchanging contact information.

This world is full of extremely interesting stories and people who look for someone to listen to them and not just take them for granted! Whether it is a clerk in a store, the barista in a coffee shop, a waiter/waitress, or someone offering a helping hand, simply affirming them, learning their story, and offering encouragement could mean more to that “passing stranger” than we are likely ever to know.”

Bruce S.

“Our best adventure of 2023 was a cross-Canada trip that included two weeks of traveling in Newfoundland. For seven weeks, from our home in Red Deer, Alberta (August 23 – October 11), we traveled from coast to coast to kilometer/mile zero in St. John’s, Newfoundland, then to kilometer/mile zero in Victoria, British Columbia, then back home for a total of 19,800 kilometers. We left St. John’s, Newfoundland, on September 10 and arrived in Victoria, British Columbia, on September 30 – 7,821 km in 20 days.”

Wherever the road takes you in 2024, we hope you have a safe and adventurous year of travel! Happy New Year!

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