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Southwest LTV Roadrunners
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For the past five years members of the Southwest LTV Roadrunners and Evergreen Leisures RV Clubs have caravanned from the west coast to reach Winkler, MB, to participate in LTV’s annual Factory Owner’s Rally.

Last year, immediately after learning 2015 was going to be Triple E’s 50th anniversary, George Ormsby knew this rally would be a really special one and he would need make a major effort to encourage as many club members as he could to register early to make the 3,000 mile (4,900 kilometer) one-way trek across the US and Canada to attend. What he didn’t realize was instead of having just the normal eight or ten RVs participate he’d have 26 RVs, 53 RVers, join in to make the 2015 Factory Owner’s Rally the clubs’ largest foray ever.


Our members really appreciate the tours, seminars, vehicle services, meals, and entertainment Triple E provides during each of the very busy days of the rally. We can’t say enough, too, about the excellent hospitality of all the company employees and Bible Camp staff who helped make our stay this year the best ever. The new cafeteria addition to the Chapel was particularly awesome and the fireworks was a very memorable way to commemorate Triple E’s 50th anniversary. Special thanks goes to Mercedes Benz North America and the other companies, too, whom provided entertainment, speakers for seminars and/or financial support, including Wagon Trail RV in Las Vegas for hosting our Roadrunners/Evergreen Leisures pre-rally get together breakfast at Smitty’s Restaurant in Winkler. The City of Winkler has been especially helpful in accommodating us during our pre-rally stays. This year we completely filled up an entire section of their RV park next to the Aquatic Centre. The week-long sunshine and extra day allotted at this year’s rally was particularly helpful in giving attendees more time to socialize.



Southwest LTV Roadrunners

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