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We are excited to introduce the updated Leisure List—your companion for creating unforgettable road trips. This tool was designed based on The Leisure List Collections, a unique feature of the LTV Blog, where owners share personal insights from their experiences covering various topics.

By taking the thoughtful submissions already inside Leisure Lists, we wove them into a user-friendly hub. Let’s dive in and discover how this tool makes planning your next road trip easier than ever.

Gather Inspiration for Your Next Road Trip

With a user-friendly interface, planning your road trip is easy with The Leisure List. Simply enter your desired destination into the search bar and watch a world of nearby campgrounds, attractions, and more unfold. And the best part is fellow Leisure Travel Van owners, and fellow RV enthusiasts recommended all locations.

Discover More Than Campgrounds and Save Your Favorites

While campgrounds are essential to any RV adventure, The Leisure List goes beyond by highlighting nearby attractions, points of interest, and even boondocking locations. The Leisure List ensures that your road trip will be an experience that caters to all your interests. Better yet, you can also create collections of your favorite locations with My Lists–you can even save notes for each location and share these curated lists with others. (Note: This feature is currently available to MyLTV users only.)

Personalized for You

You can tailor your journey based on your interests using The Leisure List. This helps you create an itinerary that resonates with your travel style. If you’re looking for time away in nature or a bold adventure, The Leisure List can help you discover locations that ensure every mile you travel aligns with your travel style.

Community-Sourced Recommendations

One of the treasures of The Leisure List is its community-driven approach. Rather than relying on generic suggestions, fellow Leisure Travel Van owners and RV enthusiasts have contributed their insights to help you uncover the best campgrounds, attractions, and must-see spots along your route. This means that every piece of advice comes from genuine experience.

As you prepare and anticipate the journey ahead, remember a road trip is about more than the destinations you reach–it’s also about the moments in between. Get ready to feel your sense of adventure, chart your path, and let The Leisure List guide your road trip dreams into a reality.

Explore the all-new Leisure List

Leisure Travel Vans

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