Arrived With Handshakes and Left With Hugs

John & Linda Briscoe
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My husband, John and I left for Mission Bay LTV Spring Rally on March 12, 2017. We arrived at the park and were excited to see twenty LTV motor homes. We had a meet and greet pot-luck dinner that night with the always good combination of great food and conversation. Upcoming trips were discussed with many suggestions from the members as well as introductions.

We met for a group picture Monday and then 15 bicycles took off for lunch in Pacific Beach at the Baja Beach Cafe. The route was a total of 16 miles from start to finish. Mission Bay is a gorgeous area for this type of ride and I am happy to say I made it the full 16 miles! We were able to meet the rest of the group at a restaurant for more great eating and sharing. Pacific Beach is a very busy and colorful beach area with many cafes and vendors. The bicyclists then took off on the return to the RV Park. We all made it safely back to the park.

After the bicycle ride, I noticed how many folks were getting together to discuss problems, parts, etc. At one point, three of the guys were trying to come up with a part for one of the others. I got some information on good RV parks, a park app for my phone as well as some kitchenware ideas.

We spent Tuesday afternoon in Old Town, San Diego after yet another delicious lunch at Casa Guadalajara. Everyone car pooled, rode bicycles or used the public bus to get there. The Old Town was very enjoyable, cute shops, and museums.

Again after our return from Old Town, I noticed folks collaborating on the motorhomes. One of the guys took his screen door apart to try and help another fix their door. We also noticed how many other RV owners in the park stopped by to tour several of the LTV units.

What struck me about this rally, our second event with the group, was how friendly, helpful and active everyone was – from helping me put an awning up for the “newbies” (like us) along with travel tips. It was a lot of fun walking the RV park and seeing all of our units along with flags. The enthusiasm of the Southwest LTV Roadrunners club is infectious.

Thanks to Dennis and Darleen Thorig, leaders of the event as well as George and Aileen Ormsby with their experience and suggestions.

We look forward to more events in the future.

John & Linda Briscoe

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