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Laurie Jones
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When I bought my Serenity I was the proudest owner that could ever drive this vehicle.

Everywhere I went I felt okay that people were more interested in looking at my vehicle than me. So when I took in on my Snowbird trip in January 2012…I was not prepared for the change in my travel experiences.

It was cute at first. The couples strolling and stopping to ask about the van and its features..It was even okay that they came in and had a look around. I was so excited to tell them about the pantry (my fav feature)..and all the storage. It was even okay that I felt I had to houseclean every morning in case of unexpected visitors. Then the rules had to change…I brought some brochures along and thought maybe its time I changed my approach…Then we had to go to alternately pretending we were sick..:”:Sorry not today”….or that one of us was sleeping…”Sorry”….


But it didn’t stop them…Sitting outside sipping liquers ..watching an Arizona full moon ….little tiny voice..”Excuse me…could we bother you” So we moved inside for meals…but still…tap tap tap….’Sorry to disturb wife would love to see inside”….So another cold meal later we had made them happy..the older ones are so can you say NO….

Then ….the best one…Coming out of Safeway parking lot , I looked in my side mirror and saw a small car , lights flashing, male driver waving. Not an easy task, I pulled my Serenity to the curb..He got out and said “I hope I didn’t scare you..but my wife and I just have to ask to see your van”.

So then had to have a fix….so got out brochures and gave them to each person…Told them to go online and watch Dean , who would give them a virtual tour of the van…

We were prepared in 2013 and had tons of brochures…The trip started a bit slower and quieter..but then we heard the voices (we almost missed them)…”Excuse me………..” and we would give in once again.

We love our Serenity. Can’t wait for 2014 Snowbird. We are making up a little sign..cute one….NO TOURS TODAY…hahahhahah


– Laurie Jones

Laurie Jones

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