Evergreen Leisures 2019 Organizational Meeting

Evergreen Leisures
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We had a great Mini Rally at Columbia Sun RV Resort in Kennewick, WA this past weekend for the volunteers that stepped up to help with club activities. With close to 170 members it started to become overwhelming for one person to handle. The following attended the Rally, Phil and Connie Smith, Michael & Mari Rosales, Kurt and Ann Nordquist, Cliff Wells, and Rob & Glynis Williams. I appreciated their participation and willingness to step up and help out.

Cliff Wells volunteered to be Club Leader Assistant.

Mari Rosales volunteered to be Treasurer.

Phil Smith volunteered to be the Communications point person.

Ann Nordquist and Glynis Williams have volunteered to be Rally Coordinators.

All of us are open to ideas and suggestions and help.

Descriptions of Club positions is as follows:

Duties of Officers

The duties of elected officers shall be as follows:

  • Club Leader – provides overall leadership to
    the club, maintaining and upholding the vision. Oversees other officers and keeps club goals aligned.
  • Club Leader Assistant – provides the Club Leader with assistance with all aspects of running the club.
  • Treasurer – maintain a budget of anticipated income and expenses, establish rally fees, and prepare a financial report at the completion of each rally reporting: funds received, all expenses incurred, plus any surplus income distributed as refunds to attendees or retained by the club.
  • Communications – submit upcoming events to the LTV coordinator (see Event Submission Guidelines). Review or prepare brief post-rally reports and forward them, along with relevant images, to the LTV Club Coordinator.
  • Rally Coordinator – schedule dates for a proposed rally for review and approval by the Club Leader. When practical, visit proposed sites and negotiate a group rate per coach. Obtain park’s cancellation/refund policy.

Any help for these positions would be greatly appreciated by these Volunteers.

Thank you all for your help and support.

Evergreen Leisures

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