Evergreen Leisures Fall Rally 2021

Evergreen Leisures
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As the cloudless blue sky smiled down on Coeur d’Alene, the Evergreen Leisures rally-goers rolled in. A handful of partiers were already situated and had enjoyed conversation and adult beverages the previous evening. It was evident this was going to be an epic rally.

On Thursday evening, the traditional potluck brought everyone’s cooking talents into the light as the owners of the thirty-eight Leisure Travel Vans strolled into the gathering room. Everything from delicious dips to mini cupcakes was on offer, and we quickly demolished the food, leaving barely enough to pack up and take away. The group’s diversity came into sharp focus as we learned we were now an international group, with a couple who had traveled from British Columbia. But the big surprise was a couple who flew from Alaska to Spokane just to attend this rally. The range of mature and newborn vans was also an amazing piece of information, with the oldest being a 2007 and the newest just three days old!

The rally-goers would not let a few stinking clouds interrupt their plans for bike riding, kayaking, or trips to town. Apparently, the rain did not discourage resident moose from cruising around, as Tim learned when the enormous animal crossed the road, holding up traffic just outside the campground. At least this year, she didn’t leave a pile of manure for him to step on right outside his van.

Although this year’s event did not feature a maintenance talk, that did not stop everyone from sharing their expertise with one another during our meeting on Saturday. The usual suspects for spare parts include a propane regulator, door struts, smoke detector, and CO2 monitor. In addition, we added another spare part to our long list: a macerator Sani-con Bayonet. Of course, no one wants to think about the yuck factor of leaving a little piece of ourselves behind on the road.

The meeting on Saturday continued, and Tim shared that he learned, after hearing an irritating beeping, that the CO2 monitor has a shelf life of five years. So, if you hear beeping every two to three days, check the CO2 monitor. A crucial recommendation for the diesel owners is to never allow the DEF to go below half, because DEF has a shelf life of eighteen months, depending on the temperature. Dave shared a website address as an excellent resource to perform DIY repairs. Everyone, as always, graciously offered to show their rigs, including the rare Libero or the Regency Four Season Leisure Travel Van. Glynis reminded us to all join the LTV Evergreen Leisures Facebook group.

Despite the rain and wind, the talented grillers cooked up a variety of burgers, including veggie and turkey burgers for the vegetarians and non-beef eaters. And they were scrumptious, along with the vast array of side dishes and mouthwatering desserts. And who can ever forget the famous giveaways, with the coveted handmade cutting boards that fit over the kitchen sink.

As always, many thanks to Jane, Pam, and Glynis, who planned another very successful rally. We hope to see everyone at Bend/Sister Garden RV Resort for the Spring Rally.

Written by Lisa McDaniel

Evergreen Leisures

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