Evergreen Leisures Spring Rally 2022

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It seems like tradition prevails and once again, the weather challenged all the carefully planned events as the sun kept playing hide and seek with us. However, that did not stop our group from enjoying good food, excellent company, and a plethora of information from many sources. What can we expect? It is, after all, the Evergreen chapter. No rain, no green. We’ll take the intermittent rain storms if it means we get to rally in beautiful places like Sisters, Oregon.

No Rally would be complete without special guests imparting their expertise. We had Micky from Johnson RV, George Rode the automotive and gadget expert, and Mike and Shauna Moon, E-bike pros. In addition to the experts, Johnson RV provided two technicians who we kept quite busy going from rig to rig, answering questions, and performing minor repairs.

No matter how many Rallies we attend, there is always something new to learn. Here are the learning highlights from this Rally:

  • The waiting time for a new LTV is three years…give or take a few months!
  • Resale value for LTVs has skyrocketed, and owners should not be surprised if your LTV sells for more than you paid for it, especially if bought serval years ago.
  • Sensors for the black and grey tanks are notoriously inaccurate. One way to increase accuracy is to keep them clean by adding baking soda, especially to the blank tank.
  • There are significant differences between Wet Cell Batteries and Lithium batteries. While there are several advantages to a lithium battery, they may not be worth the cost unless boondocking is a preferred means of travel.
  • E-bikes are wicked cool and very popular with the LTV crowd.
  • George highly recommended a tire pressure monitoring system, but make sure you have someone knowledgeable in the system to perform the installation. The old adage that you get what you pay for applies to these systems, so purchase something of quality.
  • Touring other LTVs always gives rallygoers ideas. Don’t plan on leaving a Rally without a long list of gadgets you have to purchase. It’s the rule!

Besides the oh-so-helpful maintenance and upkeep presentations, there are always fun activities to partake in and there is always a little something for everyone. Since dogs and LTVs go so well together, the event planners wisely combined a fun activity to ensure dogs were properly walked and rallygoers got their daily exercise. Of course, what would a Rally be without a bike ride into town? This provided just the right amount of activity to be enjoyable and to introduce participants to the adorable town. The High Desert Museum Tour led by Beth delighted all who chose to make the short trek.

Now, let’s talk food. All I can say is that those who might have gained a few pounds over the weekend, hopefully, had the thought that it was totally worth it! Pizza night was fun and the catered dinner was to die for. With a little something for everyone, we all walked away completely satiated. After the incredible catered dinner, we were serenaded by a gaggle of ukulele players and since the weather actually cooperated (though it was touch and go), the crowd gathered around to watch or participate in the impromptu concert. For those who stayed an extra day, we joined the afterparty as Tim Wickham, former esteemed leader of the ground, made his famous paella. Adding to this main dish, others contributed to the meal by bringing side dishes and other delicacies to add to the feast.

Besides our guest speakers, we would like to express a heartfelt thanks to Elaine, Norm, Beth, and Randy who were all involved with coordinating this Rally along with guidance from Glynis. They did a fantastic job and were able to quickly pivot when the weather failed to cooperate. Big thank you to member, Dan who generously gave handmade gifts as prizes including the coveted solid wood kitchen sink cover. It’s worth going to a Rally just for a chance at one of those!

Until next time, safe travels.

Written by: Lisa McDaniel

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