Evergreen Leisures Travelers Club Rally

Evergreen Leisures
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Hello fellow TripleE/LTV owners. Tom and I are on our way to the Leisure Travel Vans Factory Rally in Winkler, MB, along with six other RVs after a very fun two day combined Rally in Leavenworth, WA.

George and Aileen Ormsby, leaders from the SW Roadrunners Club, along with eight of their members joined forces with 18 of our Evergreen Leisures group for a very fun rally.

Here is a picture that Tom and I are so proud of because it is the culmination of almost three years of work rebuilding the Pacific Northwest Travelers Club. Seeing this group together made us very happy. We spent two days getting acquainted with people we didn’t already know and watched our fellow RVers enjoying the camaraderie, good food, advice and tips from old and new LTV owners.

We even picked up two new members along the way. As we were all getting ready to board a bus to take us on a tour and drop us at The Country Club for dinner, we noticed a Libero parked at the office. They were immediately asked to join us and they did. The couple from BC were so delighted with our group they decided they would like to be members and we are happy to have them.

Tom and I have some fun ideas for next year’s gatherings so stay tuned for more information coming soon to your friendly LTV owners’ site.

Evergreen Leisures

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