Exploring Lyons’ Charms: A Recap of the Rocky Mountain LTVers Rally

Rocky Mountain LTVers
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Set against the stunning backdrop of Lyons, Colorado, this unforgettable gathering of passionate LTVers at Lavern M. Johnson Park was a true celebration of camaraderie, adventure, and the allure of small mountain towns. Nestled within the picturesque embrace of Lyons, renowned for its captivating charm and natural splendor, Lavern M. Johnson Park served as the perfect nexus for this remarkable event. From the rugged majesty of the surrounding red sandstone cliffs to the vibrant music, arts, and hospitality of Lyons, there’s no doubt as to why this Rally and its chosen locale hold a special place in the hearts of all who participated.

Thursday: Bluegrass and Brews

The Rally commenced with an electric atmosphere as LTV owners converged at Lavern M. Johnson Park for an unforgettable kick-off. Laughter and chatter filled the crisp mountain air as attendees shared stories of past adventures while sipping on their favorite libations during the lively bring-your-own happy hour beverage kick-off meetup. Friendships old and new were kindled, fostering a sense of community that would define the days to come. The excitement reached its zenith with a spirited raffle, where lucky participants walked away with coveted Leisure Travel Vans-branded goodies, a testament to the enduring spirit of togetherness that fuels the LTV community.

As the sun dipped behind the mountains, the Rally’s infectious energy carried over to a vibrant evening at MainStage Brewing. A delectable spread of pizzas awaited, perfectly complemented by an array of craft beers that delighted even the most discerning palates. The patio transformed into a hub of conviviality, where tales of the road mingled seamlessly with the harmonious strains of live bluegrass music. Against this captivating backdrop, friendships blossomed, laughter echoed, and the bonds of the LTVers community grew stronger. The event encapsulated the very essence of Lyons, a town that effortlessly marries its natural beauty with a penchant for lively entertainment.

Friday: Camino, Crafts, and Cocktails

Throughout the Rally, and a reminder of the natural wonders within reach, the Rally offered an enchanting Golden Eagle spotting experience. With a majestic nest nestled within Lavern M. Johnson Park, attendees were treated to the awe-inspiring sight of these regal birds and the possibility of eaglets, a living testament to the park’s harmonious blend of wilderness and accessibility.

Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Rocky Mountain foothills, the Rally unfolded with a multitude of captivating activities that encapsulated the spirit of adventure and discovery. A group hike on the enchanting Picture Rock Trail stood as a testament to the wanderlust that binds the LTV community. Attendees embraced the diverse options, choosing between a leisurely 2-mile stroll to the dog park or embarking on a more challenging 6-mile round trip. Those intrepid souls who ventured the full distance were rewarded with a picturesque mid-hike respite. Gathered around a shaded stone picnic table, they relished their snacks and brown bag lunches, all while soaking in panoramic vistas of Lyons and the verdant valley below – a moment of serenity amidst nature’s grandeur.

Later in the day, creativity blossomed as participants indulged in a captivating glass etching session at HJB Designs. With deft hands and artistic fervor, they transformed stemless wine or lowball glasses into personalized masterpieces.

As the sun dipped behind the majestic peaks, the rally-goers were presented with a delightful dilemma: indulge in the culinary delights of Lyons’ town center or embrace the conviviality of a shared meal under a charming pavilion. Whether savoring local flavors at a cherished eatery or partaking in a potluck feast, the bonds of community were reinforced through shared stories and laughter.

The journey through the soul-stirring destinations within Lyons reached its zenith with a visit to the Spirit Hound Distillers. Amidst the intoxicating aroma of local spirits, participants delighted in a whisky tasting that tantalized the senses or indulged in meticulously concocted craft cocktails. The distillery visit was more than a mere excursion; it was a celebration of craftsmanship, a nod to the finer things in life, and a harmonious fusion of flavors and friendships.

Saturday: Tech Talk, Tours, and Tilts

The Rally was not only a celebration of scenic beauty and outdoor escapades but also a platform for knowledge sharing and technical insight. Enthusiastic LTVers engaged in a riveting RV Tech Talk session, a collective gathering where questions were posed and answered on an array of technical RV topics and cutting-edge gadgets. With a sense of collaboration and courage, since the morning was chilly, the exchange of expertise fostered an environment of learning, empowering participants to embark on their future journeys with newfound confidence and savvy.

Lyons, a town brimming with culture and charm, beckoned attendees to further explore its offerings. From serene local fishing within the RV park to invigorating bike rides, and local artisan shops, the Rally-goers embraced the opportunity to delve into Lyons’ multifaceted attractions. The vibrant pulse of the town became an extension of the rally, as LTVers immersed themselves in local experiences.

As the sun bathed the town in a warm glow, a walking happy hour took center stage, accompanied by an engaging LTV show-and-tell tour. Participants reveled in the pleasure of showcasing their beloved LTV floorplan, storage ideas, decor, and gadgets, each unique rig a testament to the unique personalities and travel lifestyles of its owners. This shared showcase illuminated the diversity of journeys that converge under the LTV banner, with stories and anecdotes flowing freely amid the amiable ambiance of the gathering.

Lyons’ culinary tapestry unfolded as rally attendees embraced a leisurely evening downtown for a convergence of palates. Most chose to amble a few blocks to partake in the local cuisine at a charming establishment, savoring the flavors and breweries of Lyons. Against this culinary backdrop, conversations flowed freely, bonds were fortified, and the town’s magnetic allure found its way into the hearts of LTVers.

The Rally unfurled like a gem, revealing yet another facet as participants delved into an evening of retro delights. The crowd ventured into the realm of nostalgia with pinball night at Lyons Classic Pinball. Amidst flashing lights and the resonant symphony of clinking metal, laughter, and friendly competition reverberated, forging connections and memories that encapsulated the Rally’s ethos–an immersive shared experience.

Sunday: Farewell on the Front Porch

The Rally’s sensory journey was further enriched with a delightful morning at The Stone Cup, an iconic local coffee shop affectionately known as “Lyons’ Front Porch.” As the sun cast its gentle glow upon the town, LTVers converged at this welcoming haven, their anticipation matched only by the aromatic promise of freshly brewed coffee and delectable pastries and breakfast sandwiches. With every sip and bite, bonds were forged over the lively buzz of conversation. The Stone Cup served as a fitting backdrop for a perfect start to the day, a testament to the Rally’s dedication to embracing the town’s treasures and creating memories that linger long after the engines have roared to life and the open road beckons once more.

Lyons, with its captivating allure and natural splendor, provided the perfect stage for this unforgettable gathering through a tapestry of moments that weave together the joy of exploration and the magnetic pull of genuine human connection. As the wheels of the RVs turned and the memories lingered, the Rocky Mountain LTVers Rally in Lyons, Colorado, remains a vivid chapter in the ongoing saga of adventures yet to unfold. Each activity underscored the undeniable charm of Lyons and the magnetic allure of Lavern M. Johnson Park–a haven where adventurers and kindred spirits converge, forever bound by the shared thrill of the open road.

(The owners of The Stone Cup have since retired, and Moxie Mercantile has since taken over this location to serve local coffee and self-baked goods.)

Written by: Teresa Pennington

Rocky Mountain LTVers

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