Flamingles Land at Florida RV SuperShow

Florida Flamingles
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The Florida RV SuperShow is one of the premier RV shows in North America. This mega-show attracts vendors, RV manufacturers, and show attendees from around the globe to spend a week in the sunny Tampa, Florida area and share in everything related to the RV experience.

This year, as in past years, the Florida Flamingles LTV Travelers Club joined in the fun at the Florida RV SuperShow to enjoy a micro-rally and showcase their LTV rigs to curious show-goers. Nestled under some large trees, six LTV rigs enjoyed the fellowship of being club members and provided LTV with on-site ambassadors of the LTV line of products. When not attending the show, the Flamingles provided personal tours of their rigs to prospective owners and future club members. It was very impressive to see the number of folks who had a deep interest in the LTV product line and who wanted to learn more about owning an LTV.

In addition to the show, the micro-rally allowed several Flamingles to plot a summer “Operation Puffin” trip from Florida to the Canadian Atlantic regions of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Labrador.

Please join the Flamingles LTV Travelers Club by signing up on the Owners Section of the LTV website. We look forward to welcoming you to our fun flock of LTV enthusiasts!

Written by Brian Duffy

Florida Flamingles

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