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Leisurely Great Lakers
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For the second year in a row, the Leisurely Great Lakers group held our fall rally in Holland, Michigan, at the Oak Grove Resort located close to Lake Michigan. This is a very nice resort with paved and level spaces, plenty of room with grass and trees, and a great indoor pavilion. The only ‘issue’ this time of the year is that the numerous oak trees start shedding their acorns, so the tap-tap of falling acorns did make for noisier nights than some people planned on. The weather was very nice with mild temperatures, some breezes, and sunny skies up until the last night when we got some rain, which helped us sleep and then remained to greet our 27 LTVs on that last day.

As usual we had a great time and our group leaders put together an awesome agenda that allowed lots of time for everyone to meet one another and make new friends. Speaking of new friends, about half of the attendees were at their first rally, so there were lots of questions being asked and answered all weekend. We had people from six states and Canada, including some folks visiting from other LTV groups.

Of course, these rallies are known for lots of food and this one did not disappoint! Breakfasts and dinners were potluck style, except for the second day when our local LTV dealer catered a fantastic breakfast for the group!

One evening, one of the couples attending provided an excellent BBQ feast with everyone else providing the fixings and desserts. There was also plenty of time to eat out in town, and Holland has many fine restaurants and lots of activities available for people who wanted to get out and explore. The Farmers Market was a favorite stop, along with the numerous biking trails to the lake and around town.

We tried something a little different with this rally, and had three members volunteer to discuss and show slideshows of trips they had made in 2019. So we got to enjoy a Colorado adventure, a trip through Canada and Alaska, and a caravan trip to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. The photos from each presentation were great, and many questions were asked and answered. In the end, everyone was ready for their own trip to these locations!

There were also formal Tech Talk sessions and even more impromptu discussions around various LTVs, as people checked out useful modifications and got ideas for future changes and upgrades. People helped each other out with answers to questions about their LTV rigs, show-and-tell of modifications made, sharing new insights from the recent Annual Fall Rally in Winkler, and more. Everyone came away having learned something new.

Once again, we had a fun time, learned, and made new friends. These rallies are great events to attend, so come and join us for some more fun!

Leisurely Great Lakers

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