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Rally Before Convention
August 21 – 23, 2022

Due to high fuel prices and some health-related cancellations, our numbers were small, as was the overall attendance at this convention. But regardless, those of us there still were able to have an enjoyable and informative gathering.

We arrived at the convention grounds late Sunday morning and were surprised to learn instead of having to caravan to be parked together, we’d been assigned a parking location. Luckily, we were very close to the buildings and had a great location for the convention. That evening we shared happy hour and dinner of a make-your-own salad of greens, baked chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs, and numerous other toppings. After, chocolate cake satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth.

Monday’s breakfast was a yogurt bar with various fruits and assorted pastries. Our crafts activities were moved to the morning to take advantage of the shade and cooler temperatures. The ladies picked their favorite-colored beads, and Fran taught us how to make a memory wire bracelet. Shirley showed us how to do a no-sew oilcloth tablecloth for our camping tables, and we made a butterfly from an old-fashioned clothespin, snack-size zip lock bag, and M&Ms.

Following a happy hour of snacks from our attendees, Monday’s dinner consisted of Midwestern specialties of Beef “Tastees,” salads, and root beer floats. After dinner, we continued to relax and visit.

Tuesday was a very busy day starting with breakfast of McJohnsons, a homemade version of egg McMuffins, and fruit. The first-timers orientation was held in the afternoon, and a chapter fair followed. We again hosted a table and signed up additional LTVers to the chapter. That night our scheduled Rally dinner was postponed until Saturday evening. Blue Ox, the convention sponsor, hosted a gathering at the Lincoln Convention Center in the historic Hay Market district, complete with drinks, snacks, live entertainment, and a shuttle service. Most of our group took advantage and enjoyed a dinner out together.

Convention Begins
August 24 – 27, 2022

Four full days and nights of seminars, trade show displays, and live entertainment each evening kept us as busy as we wanted. There were also off-site outings to a car museum and the University of Nebraska quilt museum, along with scheduled bike rides, runs, craft events, an ice cream social, and contests.

Saturday was the postponed Rally dinner. Though many of us attended various events together during the convention, it brought us back together as a group once more. Salmon burgers, cold salads, and lemon cake were enjoyed under our awnings while we had the only rain disruption of the week. One last evening of live entertainment was also enjoyed.

Sunday morning, we departed. Three coaches were headed to the LTV Rally in Winkler a few days later, so it was as if the rally continued.

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