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Whether at our Annual Fall Rally or at one of the various rallies put on by our local LTV Travelers Clubs, owners often mention that sharing and seeing customizations and modifications as one of the highlights of getting together. With this in mind, we asked our community of LTV owners to share the customizations, accessories, and other modifications they have done to make their Leisure Travel Van uniquely their own. Now, we’re excited to open the doors of LTVs across the US and Canada, and let you take a peek at the tips, tricks, and why-didn’t-I-think-of-that tweaks that can you help you make your own RV even better.

If you have a modification you’d like to share with the community, just use the form found at the link below to tell us about it!

Share Your Open Spaces


(Photo credit: @home_sweetmotorhome)

Please note: The modification ideas on this page were submitted to Triple E Recreational Vehicles by independent third parties and have not been verified or tested by Triple E Recreational Vehicles. Please do your own research before implementing these, or any other modifications. You must always use a qualified professional to make any modifications to your vehicle, and ensure that any changes you make are safe, and in compliance with all applicable laws. Modifications may void certain aspects of your limited warranty, as well as affect resale values. Consult your warranty for details. Triple E Recreational Vehicles is not responsible or liable for any actions you take after viewing this page, or for any modifications you make to your vehicle.

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