Ontario Sunrisers 2018 Fall Rally

Ontario Sun Risers
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From September 25th – 28th 2018 the Ontario Sunrisers LTV Chapter held our Fall Rally at Riverwood Park in Lindsay Ontario. We had 7 RV’s with 14 people attending plus 5 special guests. On Tuesday we arrived we had a potluck appetizer meet and greet in the campground recreation hall. After a long travel day, many retired early so we saved the campfires for the following nights.

Wednesday morning we put out coffee, cakes, and fruits but it was a real challenge to avoid the midge bugs that seemed to know cooler weather was coming. Ann had a very unique way to avoid the bugs with her Lee Valley Insect-a Hide Pop-Up Shelter;-)

In the afternoon several people went to the Olde Gaol Museum in Lindsay and were lucky enough to get a private tour. The museum had switched to winter hours but there was a volunteer inside and he offered to let us in and he even played a Karn Organ for us. The exhibits included the history of the area, some of the actual jail cells used, model trains, and an art exhibit by W.A. Goodwin.

Following the museum, we visited the Pie Eyed Monk Brewery to taste some of their local craft beers. That evening we had a lovely LTV sponsored dinner in the Recreation Hall with Roast Pork, Tequila Lime Chicken Breasts, hot vegetables, and salads, followed by really delicious Chocolate Raspberry Birthday cakes since 3 attendees had birthdays this week.

After dinner, we enjoyed a campfire complete with Mystical Fire packets that yielded amazing colours in the flames.

On Thursday several people socialized by the campsites while others went biking on the local trails in Lindsay, and some went to the see the Kirkfield Lift Lock on the Trent-Severn Waterway. That evening we had a delicious potluck dinner where everyone contributed dishes and we even had 6 different desserts! We took our group photo that night so anyone that needed to leave early in the morning could do so. We followed this with great conversation and storytelling about our travels by the campfire.

It was time to head home or on to our next adventures on Friday morning after saying goodbye to our fellow LTV owners. Our small group really enjoys the social occasion of getting together somewhere in Ontario and we even had a few new owners who joined us at this rally. We haven’t locked down our plans yet for 2019 rallies but I’m sure they will continue to be as much fun as we had in 2018. Safe travels wherever your LTV takes you.

Ontario Sun Risers

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