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From Tuesday, September 21st, through Friday, September 24th, the Ontario Sunrisers LTV Chapter held our Fall Rally at Lakewood Christian Campground in Plympton-Wyoming, Ontario (near Sarnia). We had one of the largest groups in Ontario for many years, with 28 RVs attending, including Class A, B, and C LTVs! On the Tuesday, we arrived and had a check-in process, followed by meet-and-greet sessions at 4 different campsites to allow for proper social distancing. That evening, we had a very short 50-minute campfire before the buckets of rain started coming down, sending everyone scrambling back to their RVs.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast was correct for Wednesday, and it basically rained all day. We had several activities planned for outside that day and had to modify most of the itinerary. This was also the first day in Ontario where you had to show your double vaccination record to attend indoor hall events. We worked out a check-in procedure in the hall with the campground staff, and each person would then get a wristband so they could come and go from the hall without needing to do the COVID checks over again. That afternoon we held a question-and-answer session in the hall, since we had so many first-time rally attendees. The campground had a pizza oven and the original plan was to have a LTV-sponsored pizza night outside, but we had to move this into the hall due to rain. Following the pizza, we used the hall to show a 1953 classic comedy movie called The Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, which everyone had a good laugh over.

Thursday the rain was off and on, so we had our morning coffee and social gathering in the hall. In the afternoon, 14 RVs headed out for a winery and brewery tour and tasting. At Alton Farms Estate Winery, we had a tutored tasting of 3 of their wines by the winery owner, Anne, and she had a great sense of humour. Our next stop was Stonepicker Brewing Company, where we could sample and purchase some of their craft beers. That evening, Sharon and I hosted a presentation for the group of our trip to the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Alaska, followed by a Q&A session. Everyone now had lots of travel ideas to add to their bucket lists.

Friday morning was our departure day and we finally had nice weather! We had our coffee and social gathering outside and said our goodbyes to our new LTV owner friends. Even though the weather did not cooperate for this rally, everyone still made the best of it and had a good time. Now the planning will begin for our spring rally, somewhere in the eastern half of the province, in May. Safe travels wherever your LTV takes you.

Written by Joel Smith

Ontario Sun Risers

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