Our 50 Years On The Road

Leisure Travel Vans
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As we look back over our 50 years in the recreational vehicle industry, it’s important to remember the reasons why we do what we do.

At the heart of it all, it’s about people and community. And we ask ourselves, “what do we want people to feel?”

We want people to feel joy, love, companionship, adventure, awe, comfort, connection, and safety.

We are forever reinventing ourselves. Every day we strive to provide quality, value, and innovation.

We are committed to our community of

employees, suppliers, our local community, dealers, our customers.

The job is always evolving. Behind every idea, good and bad, there is progress. Behind every innovation, there are countless hours, ideas, sketches, and revisions.

Each day, we put our utmost love, care, and commitment into every unit that rolls off the line.

Only then do we add our finishing touch.

May your travels be boundless and bountiful.


May you experience the joy and companionship of adventure and exploration.

Explore new roads, new possibilities, and new ideas.

Come, explore with us.






Leisure Travel Vans

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