Owning both a Serenity & Unity

Terri Campbell
Our experience going from a Serenity to a Unity

My husband and I joyfully owned our first Small motorhome – a 2011 Serenity corner bed model for 4 years. But after several wonderful adventures allowing us to assess our travel styles and habits we decided to sell it and purchase a 2015 Unity with a Murphy bed. I thought it could be helpful to explain our decision to those here who are evaluating their own purchase decisions.

For the longer trips we began to take (4-6 weeks) the Serentiy corner bed became too constricting, as did the corner bathroom. We are not large people but my propensity to get up for nightly treks to the bathroom became annoying. Sure – moving my rear end from bed to potty a mere 2 feet away was kind of convenient for me, but it was disturbing to my husband. Then there was the HOT factor, as in, my husband is a human heater all on his own and snuggling so close in a double bed wasn’t as fun as it was when we were in our 20’s.

I began longing for the Unity with that King sized Murphy bed and a bathroom big enough to bend over and change my clothes. Soon my longing became rather obsessive as we both starting watching those tempting Leisure travel Videos! Uh oh…

Last year our Serenity was rapidly sold to some very happy campers and we soon became the proud owners of the Unity.


We just returned from a 4 week trip through Canada and here are the pros and cons of our new digs:


  1. The larger bed was heaven! More comfort and less disturbing to each other for inevitable nighttime fidgets and trips to the loo. I have to say, we slept as well as we do at home.
  2. The larger bathroom was a definite bonus too! Nice and private and large enough to shower and change in. Since we use the bathroom almost exclusively (over public facilities) this works for us.

3. While TV isn’t a frequent activity for us while on the road, the larger one in the Unity was a nice feature when we were watching our beloved Warriors loose the championship! 🙁

And the Cons:

  1. We really missed having windows on both sides of the rig. The Murphy bed makes this impossible when the bed is up and the table is in use. To help compensate, we installed a big mirror there to make it feel less closed in.
  2. We also missed having that big wrap around dining area that was in the Serenity, as this Unity has a much smaller dinette, but it was workable.
  3. Finally, having that couch in the back of the Serenity for the occasional afternoon nap was a bonus we no longer have. Yes, there is a convertible couch in the Unity but you have to choose between the couch and the dinette.
    The Unity requires more overall readjusting for bed, couch and dinette. Naps now? We take those in our outdoor zero gravity chairs.


Are we happy with our move from the Serenity to the Unity? Yes, we most definitely are. No regrets. There is nothing like a good night’s sleep and feeling like you are in a “normal” bathroom. But the truth is, when you choose to roam in a smaller RV, there are pluses and minuses to each model and so you have to assess your most important individual desires, wants and needs. I was once told that the most frequent reason people trade in their RV’s is bed comfort. I believe it! It happened to us.

Terri Campbell

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  • Sandy

    Thanks for your evaluation. I love our 2014.5 Serenity with its two living areas, but my husband would like a bit more space in the bathroom and a larger bed. However, I prefer no slide because we frequent overnight stops at Walmarts and Cracker Barrels, and want to avoid that “camping” open-slide look. Also, we want the ability to drive away promptly if necessary. The Unity TB might tempt me, though!

  • Sandy

    Thanks for your evaluation. I love our 2014.5 Serenity with its two living areas, but my husband would like a bit more space in the bathroom and a larger bed. However, I prefer no slide because we frequent overnight stops at Walmarts and Cracker Barrels, and want to avoid that “camping” open-slide look. Also, we want the ability to drive away promptly if necessary. The Unity TB might tempt me, though!

    • Anatoliy Lukich

      We have 2016 Unity MB and there’s no need to open slide in order to use Murphy Bed.

    • Marie Muma

      See my above comments about the Twin Bed Unity. I agree with your comment about Walmarts and places like that. This MotorHome is made for touring, not so much for campgrounds. We do love campgrounds and will certainly use them also.

  • Marie Muma

    We actually placed an order for a 2018 Murphy Bed Unity. I began mentally living in it and I had a big “Ahah” moment. Two seat belts just were not going to be “smart.” I do not want a multipurpose bathroom area, I want the commode to be closed off – just don’t want to see it or walk in at the wrong time when hubby is “busy.” LOL!! Also, I got to thinking that with the Murphy Bed, we almost would have to go to sleep at the same time. Not just that, but when somebody wakes up first, they would not be able to allow the other one to sleep in. We took another look at changed our order to a Unity Twin Bed. I was still bothered by the Twin Bed dinette table until I saw somebody’s table modification. With a simple table modification, the ability to walk to and from the cab to the coach will be great. The dinette chairs are being redesigned as well as the back wall between-the-beds cabinet. The commode door is redesigned. The flexibility to create king sized sleeping is really a snap. We do not need the dinette to convert to a bed, so that is not a problem (new 2018 – no single sleeper possible). Now I am mentally taking trips in the 2018 Twin Bed model and see there are times when hubby may want to go off with a buddy or I may take a friend/sister: No problem. I will enjoy snuggling with small grand kids in the large bed, or making use of an Instant-set tent(s) as our guest quarters. Now, my mind is set at ease. The only problem is the waiting!!! It will be 4 or 5 months before we “get the call.” Good things are worth waiting for.

    • Lyn R Derksen Bailey

      We have a 2014 Unity TB which we love for the same reasons you do. People do not get up or go to sleep at the same time. Also, TB has more storage space.

    • bill volk

      What is the table modification?

      • Marie Muma

        The modification that I saw on some blog had the sides of the table bending downward. The central portion was as narrow as possible with the two sides bending downward (specialized hardware for bringing up the leaves are needed). I got to thinking that this would not be so ideal because if you are seated at the dinette chair, then you would probably have to stand up to pull up the table – your knees would get in the way. So I think that the existing table is probably the best. Once we get our unity, we will decide if there is enough room to travel from the cab into the cabin and vice versa. What we may do is to remove the table from the pedestal and move it just a little closer to the driver’s side, giving a few more inches of space to go back and forth. It will be impossible to tell until we actually take possession of our Twin Bed in early spring. Time will tell. The foto shows the table modification that some blogger had posted. His was an older model that had two pedestals. I think the same table could be done with one pedestal which is what the newer Unity models have.

        • bill volk

          Thanks. You’ll love the TB. BV

        • bill volk

          We just lay the table on one of the beds when not in use. Too much trouble to put it under the passenger side twin bed.

  • Sylvia

    Good morning everyone,
    This is off topics but I’m brand new at this and not sure where to ask the question. We live in Red Deer, Alberta and are just embarking on the RV purchasing journey. We will definitely buy a LTV, a U24TB being our first choice. We have found two dealers so far in Calgary & Spruce Grove, Ab. The units are presold thus it is proving a challenge to find a unit. Our question: where could we search for people selling pre owned LTV’s. Thanks.
    Sylvia & Dwayne

    • PJ

      Might try

  • Elaine Lang

    We are going to sell our 2016 LV Unity with the Murphy bed. We live in Central Alberta, about an hour from Red Deer. Interested?

  • Laurie Hoosier

    Plan to downsize from 32ft Commander. Can anyone comment on which layouts they find offer lots of cokking/food prep as we love cooking on the road.