Paso Robles Wine Festival – Southwest LTV Roadrunners Rally

James & Paula Perry
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May 17-20, 2017

We arrived early at Wine Country RV Resort for the Southwest Road Runners Rally in Paso Robles, CA.  It was great fun watching the parade of gorgeous Leisure Travel Vans making their way in to join the festivities.   It always thrills us to see rigs similar to ours on the road or in a campground.  Once our row of campsites was filled, it was quite a sight to gaze down that row and see all the distinctive Mercedes “noses” lined up.

The planning and communication that goes into making a successful rally like this is no easy task. We want to express our appreciation to Wagon Masters Dennis and Darleen Thorig.  They had us all scheduled for pot luck dinners,  happy hours and tours of various kinds to make the weekend one that promoted lots of different kinds of sharing.

Dennis and Darleen made their campsite welcoming and easy to find with his use of special Leisure Travel Vans flags and awnings that he had engineered to shade any gatherings that might occur.

In observing and interacting with other LTV owners we noticed that these rigs appear to be owned by people who seek quality, and who like to customize their rigs in practical and innovative ways.  We really like to share our discoveries. and improvements with each other. Learning from each other and taking pride in keeping our rigs in top shape seems to be a common theme in a rally.  It all combines to make a very compatible group of people having a good time together.

We shared meals, walked with our dogs, rode bikes, attended a terrific wine festival, and enjoyed so much great conversation.

The weekend passed quickly and I think many of us were ready for it to last longer.  We can all look forward to the next rally, whenever and wherever it may happen.

James & Paula Perry

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