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“Did you say that it feels like 114 degrees?”  Yes, the Pomme de Terre Mini Rally began and ended with sweltering heat for those brave souls who attended the Midwest and Heartland LTV’ers combined gathering at Pomme de Terre Lake in Missouri.  Who knew that it would be the ‘hottest’ week in Missouri for the Summer of 2023?  

Attendees included 21 members and three furry friends who enjoyed the beautiful Nemo Landing Group campsite. We cherished the breeze that blew from the lake through the campsite and the airflow made the heat tolerable for breakfast and our discussion meetings, which included topics such as scheduled routine maintenance, how to find a mobile tech if you have a problem on the road, travel locations, and boondocking and cooking while LTVing. 

Lunch and afternoons were left open for whatever your heart desired. The first afternoon saw most retreating to their LTVs to escape into air conditioning; many played cards, read, sewed, cooked, or enjoyed a much-needed nap.  Some were able to explore the area by walking or biking, and some drove into town to see what they could find. All in all, the weather didn’t hinder anyone too much. 

Then, in the evening, we once again gathered at the shelter to share a meal and play games. LTV provided hamburgers and pulled pork for sandwiches for two of three evenings, and everyone else provided a prepared side dish to accompany the main course. Most everyone agreed that if anyone went away hungry, it would be their fault because the food was delicious and plentiful. After meals, games like Kombio, Black 7, and Farkle were enjoyed long after sunset. Thank you to Bob and Nancy for bringing their portable fans and sharing them with the group.

All things considered, we are very thankful for our rigs, whether we had a Unity, Wonder, or Libero. Why, might you ask? Reason number one is that the air conditioning kept us cool and comfortable even if the outside felt like 117 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade, and reason number two was having showers in our LTVs, which like others would agree–this is a comfort from home that we all enjoy.

The leaders of both the Midwest LTV’ers and Heartland LTV’ers agree that another combined club mini-rally will be planned in the future–but probably not during August in Missouri!

Written by: Kendra Johnson

Heartland LTV'ers

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