A Sneak Peek at 2018

Even though we are in the beginning stages of the 2017 RVing season, we are excited to introduce some of the new designs and features that will be included in our 2018 product lineup. Here’s a sneak peek of just a few of the new features rolling out for 2018.

New Modern Paint Schemes

All three Leisure Travel Vans models will be sporting new minimal, yet classy, paint schemes. The Unity will offer the widest variety of colors. From the rich, wine-flavored tones of Bordeaux to the bold black and white Euro Sport, all 2018 Unity’s feature a new modern look we think you’ll love.

Both the Serenity and Wonder are also sporting new tones. The 2018 Serenity features an all-new paint scheme and will be offered in either Silver or Champagne. The 2018 Wonder will be rolling down highways in the new White Suede color or the continued Graphite.

Staying Connected

Staying connected to loved ones and the office while on the road will be even easier with our 2018 models.
Optional on all 2018 Leisure Travel Vans is the Winegard ConnecT WiFi Extender, available with or without 4G LTE (USA only). These Winegard components make it easy and convenient to receive Wi-Fi or 4G LTE signals within your Leisure Travel Van.

The optional solar panels on all 2018 models have been upgraded to either 200W or 400W options, extending your dry camping capabilities. Also new for 2018 is a 1000W pure sine wave inverter, standard in all 2018 LTV models.

New Interior Features

Now let’s take a look at some of the new interior features for 2018. Across all Unity models, accent lighting is now standard (previously only available with the glamour package). In the Unity FX, the bathroom door has been simplified and redesigned, and the rear sofa is now available in optional Ultraleather™. The bathroom layout in the IB/TB has been redesigned to add more comfort and convenience.

The few notable updates in the 2018 Serenity include standard upper cabinet accent lighting, an updated shower with integrated storage, and a new shelf in the bedroom area.

The Wonder features many updates for 2018, including standard Corian® countertops in the galley and lavatory, a redesigned wardrobe, standard convection microwave, and optional Ultraleather™ dinette seating.

Coming to a Dealer Near You

2018 Leisure Travel Vans will begin shipping in summer 2017. For more information, please view our 2018 Product Updates Brochure or contact your local LTV dealer.

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  • Hiro Protagonist

    A great feature would be Roadtrek’s Eco Trek Technology that illiminates use of propane and noisy generator. It can run everything (AC, Microwave, Fridge, EVERYTHING! on battery for about 9 hours depending on draw) Then, when the battery runs low, they have Voltsart that starts the chassis engine to charge the battery to full by running for just about 30 mins. This cycles for 5 times. Total freedom from ShorePower and from propane and the noisy generator. Imagine, running the AC all night quietly! If you have it, then your vans would be perfect. They have videos about it on youtube. You can search them. 🙂

  • Robert Blits

    The 400 watt solar panel option for 2018 is great and would be even greater if combined with 4 or 6 coach batteries instead of the usual 2 as well as 2000 watt sine wave inverter to briefly run a microwave without plugged into shore power or running the generator and perhaps an all electric compressor refrigerator that is becoming more common on some of the competing brands.

  • KeepItReal

    Dear LTV design team: I agree with the “Hiro Protagonist” comment here about upgrading the electrical systems. Your interior design ideas are brilliant. If, in addition to the 400 watt solar panel, you added the larger battery bank with everything tied into an inverter, an over-sized engine alternator, and a low amperage battery sensor to autostart the engine for charging (as is already available on RoadTrek vans) you’d easily have the finest travel vans in the industry. No one else would even be close.

    • Richard Schlarb

      I am currently looking for a new Sprinter based RV with a configuration that optimizes power utilization … is the above a viable configuration by LTV for 2018?

  • Joanne cotter

    Hello. We are struggling with our next RV decision. We currently have a 31 ft class C and tow a compact car. We are tired of towing and feel we are missing out on some great sights because of our size. The leisure Vans look amazing. They are shorter by 7 ft but only about 6 inches narrower than what we have now. We are concerned that we will still be restricted by its width and miss having a small vehicle for getting around. Thanks in advance for any light on the subject. This a very big(expensive) decision for us.

    • Terry Peterson

      We just sold our 35ft Bounder last DEC. and purchased the Unity TB. Our first trip was 7,400 miles and we couldn’t have been more please with it. We also use to tow and now its not really a concern. This winter we plan on going to the desert and towing motorcycles but no more cars. My wife had no problem driving the unity and it gets great milage.

      • Joanne cotter

        Hi Terry. It doesn’t show that I posted a response to you. I want to be sure you are aware that I am grateful to you for answering my question. We are planning a 3 1/2 hr drive to Michigan so we can see a LTV for ourselves. Thanks again and have fun in the desert this winter.

        • Leslie

          I’m late to this string BUT they make these great tail gate carriers that attach to the hitch. Many are quite inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes. Including wide enough to carry bikes and or scooters or mopeds or a small motor bike. These carriers also have many models to choose from like the swing to one side if you need access to a trunk or back door opening so great option for SUV’s with back entrances. And some even come with ramps. Some are made of aluminum so are light enough almost all people are able to handle alone or a couple nicely do able. I plan on getting one to hold my portable chest freezer 2 folding full size bikes & a Goal Zero Solar battery 1400 so I have extra power and can chain lock it to the carrier itself. I doubt most folks could unhitch this when it’s loaded with a few hundred pounds and has no wheels. Might be possible but not easy. I too don’t want to be dragging a car or trailer around with me. Haven’t bought a Leisure Unity TB yet but it’s my favorite one and am often back here looking at them. Hope you continue to enjoy yours and Terry you you too.

    • George Winke

      Car rental and Uber (if available)can be an alternative. We have a Unity FX on order. We may bring along bicycles and possibly a scooter; but pulling a car / trailer isn’t our bag.
      George and Dawn

  • Mavirek

    Will @leisurevans offer Class B’s in 2018, or has the production moved onto Class B+? Will there be a Class B equivalent of the Unity Flex?

  • Linda Kennett

    My husband and I have recently purchased a 2012 LTV Libero. We understand that this unit is prewired for a solar panel and were wondering what type/size of panel to purchase. Any suggestions?

  • Tommie Lauer

    Similar issues I am facing, the idea of size and driving around town in an LTV Unity…. my U24CB will be here in July 2018….
    My current rig, Dodge 2500 pulling an Airstream 30 footer, total 53 feet when underway, GCVWR of over 16,000 lbs. Previous, Tiffin Allegro Bus 43 QGP, with Subaru in tow… 43,000 lbs GCVWR, 63 feet long.
    I will be using Uber, Lyft, and rental cars when I am on the road, occasionally pulling a very small trailer with a BRP Can Am Spyder.
    Around town with the Unity.. the width, about 8 feet, just requires some care in driving. But, both the width and length mean one cannot park in a standard parking spot, usually about 9′ x 20′. But, this is also too small for a 170″ wheelbase Sprinter based RV like the Airstream Interstate which is about 24 feet long. I suspect the only place to park one of the Unity rigs is in large lots where one can either park in two spots at an angle, or some other spot which is large enough to not present a hazard to others. Of course, any parking deck is not permissible for any RV as the height restriction is critical.
    My conclusion is there is no such thing as an RV which can be the same size as regular car, unless one wants to convert a Chevy Suburban… no room for anything but toilet, wet bath, both while sitting down…LOL