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Southwest LTV Roadrunners
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The Southwest LTV Roadrunners held their Canyons Rally October 16 – 20, 2024. 56 Leisure Travel Vans met at the beautiful Wahweap RV Campground on the shore of Lake Powell in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Close by is the town of Page, Arizona, and the world-renowned slow canyons, including the Lower and Upper Antelope Canyons. The Glen Canyon Dam is on the Colorado River, and just below the dam is Horseshoe Bend. The Navajo Nation is close by, as is Marble Canyon. Within a couple hours’ drive is the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, and in the other direction, the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument.

The Wahweap Campground, besides being in a spectacular location, is central to a wealth of activities and amazing places, and participants took full advantage of all the area had to offer.

Photo credit: Stacey Chicoine

Many took tours of the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons, world-renowned for their intricate swirling formations.

Others took scenic boat tours on Lake Powell to see the spectacular red rock formations and bluffs, the Glen Canyon Dam from the water, and Rainbow Bridge, a world-class sacred site for the local Navajo people. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

Lake Powell
Glen Canyon Dam

Rainbow Bridge

At the Wahweap Campground, campers participated in special activities that are part of all Roadrunner rallies. Towney Sausville gave a very informative tech talk. He discussed information that he had learned at the Winkler Rally in September. While at the camp, everyone did their best to stay out of the bright afternoon sun.

New events included Bingo Night and a special musical evening featuring Ryan Tracy, a local singer and guitarist. He played a program that had lots of favorites from the past. There was a lot of quiet singing along and some not-so-quiet.

At the regular evening happy hours and gatherings, everyone got to know each other better. Who has the most miles on their coach? (answer… almost 130,000!) Who came from the farthest away? (answer … Queens, New York? Pensacola, Florida? Thorsby, Alberta?) Several campers took part in a morning bike ride. Everyone was certain to have found more than enough to do!

When it came time to unhook and go on the way, everyone left happy, if not a little tired. We look forward to meeting again at Oasis in January and Pismo in the spring.

Written by: Towney Sausville

Southwest LTV Roadrunners

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