Southwest Roadrunners 2020 Pismo Beach Fall Rally

Southwest LTV Roadrunners
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The Southwest Roadrunners returned to Pismo Beach in October, 2020, for a fall rally and get-together. A total of 56 coaches gathered at Pismo Coast Village RV Resort on October 18 for 5 days of friendship, learning, and fun. In total, there were 47 Unity, three Serenity, two Free Spirit, one Libero, one Wonder, one Freedom (from 1999!), and one other coach in the group.

After checking in and finding our spots, the first of the evening happy hours began at the six “Gathering Places” marked by distinctive gathering flags. Because there were several locations, groups were limited to the occupants of 10 coaches, so that social distancing could be more easily maintained. People liked the format because, over the course of the rally, they got to know more of their fellow LTVers more intimately.

Monday had been scheduled as ATV Day – a chance to go out on the dunes and feel the wind in your hair. Unfortunately, this was cancelled because the dunes were closed. This was disappointing, but people decided to have an ad hoc bike ride or just walk into town (very close by) to explore.

The “official” bike ride to Avila Beach, about an 18-mile round trip, happened on Tuesday. More than 50 riders participated. On Tuesday evening, we were treated to a light show performance by one of our campers. It was amazing!

Several people went golfing at Avila Beach on Wednesday, and others took advantage of the free day to unhook and explore some of the surrounding communities, go downtown and walk on the pier and beach, or just hang out and visit (I know of at least one coach that did their laundry!).

Thursday was the busy and “business” day. In the morning, Towney gave a Tech Talk. It was well-attended and well-received. In the afternoon, we held a very special Open House. A dozen owners of new coaches (2020 and 2021) agreed to let people visit their coaches to show the new features that are now being built into the coaches. All of the new models were represented. The rules were simple: masks, no more than two people inside at a time, no shoes, use hand sanitizer, and no touching. The owners answered questions about their coaches from outside. This was a very successful activity. We even had several people visit who were either looking to buy a new LTV or had ordered one and wanted to ask questions of the owners.

The day ended with a “Block Party”. We couldn’t block off the street, but everyone brought their chairs and lined up on the side of the street and ate pizza and cake (and thanks to our visitors that afternoon for bringing cake!). The evening ended with a magnificent sunset (and it was the first sun that we had seen all week!). All in all, it was a good rally, and now everyone is looking forward to meeting again in January at Oasis in Las Vegas.

Southwest LTV Roadrunners

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