Southwest Roadrunners go to Red Rock

Southwest LTV Roadrunners
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After a very full rally at the Oasis in Las Vegas, 30 LTVs gathered with The Southwest LTV Roadrunners at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area just outside of Las Vegas from February 12-14. It was a short stay but a chance for many of the participants to boondock for the first time. Most did very well without being plugged in, except for a few low batteries. Lessons were learned.

The weather was perfect. There were clear skies, warm weather during the day, and chilly at night. We parked at five of the group campsites at the Red Rock Campground.

People took many bike rides, especially around the scenic loop which had magnificent sandstone cliffs in many shades of tan to bright colors of red. Groups also went on long hikes and walks, sat around campfires, and enjoyed the good company.

One highlight was a talk given by one of the camp conservationists, where we learned about the desert tortoise and bighorn sheep.

Since it was Superbowl Sunday, we were able to set up a TV from one of the coaches using solar power and a boosted tv antenna to watch the game, complete with pizza and snacks! It was a good way to spend a winter weekend!

Written by Towney Sausville

Southwest LTV Roadrunners

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