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Ontario Sun Risers
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Ontario’s September Oktoberfest Rally

Eight units attended the second outing of ”the reformedOntario Sunrisers” which was held Sept. 20th – 23rd at the Quinte Isle Camp Park in Cherry Valley, Ontario.


At the “Meet and Greet” on Tuesday evening we enjoyed the company of a very Diverse Group – in terms of Background and Camping Experience -who mixed very well. The day ended with all enjoying the campfire on a wonderful warm evening, Each morning Ed had the coffee ready, as promised, at 8:am and we gathered plan the days Activities .

Prince Edward County is well known for its wineries, Cheese factories and Quaint shops. Most people toured the area and some even took in the Beaches. They returned late afternoon to a full Oktoberfest meal cooked by Andy, Ed, Helen and Paul. We were joined by a couple from Toronto who were interested in purchasing a Leisure Travel Van and the hospitality of all allowed them to tour their vans and answer their questions and concerns, A campfire was again enjoyed on another beautiful night with evening stories galore!


On Thursday many of the group went touring again and the few that stayed behind enjoyed a “ Mini Golf “ game with H elen winning…but no prizes. All contributed to a great Pot Luck supper followed by picture taking then another campfire and tall tales.


As we broke up on Friday we said our good-byes to our new friends. Another Campout is planned next May so keep posted in April for information.

Cheers, Andy.

Ontario Sun Risers

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