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    Exploring Georgia’s Unforgettable Detours Off I-95 — Part III

    Coastal Georgia, away from Savannah, is also a destination for those who wish to explore the deep, complex history that spans the Native American, Colonial, and Civil War eras in America. Yes, you can even explore your genealogy via the old cemeteries, courthouses, and museums along the coast if the lines of your ancestors are here. But as with other sights along I-95 in Coastal Georgia, you won’t see any of these spots unless you exit the Interstate to explore this 50-mile span of coastline.

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    Savannah on My Mind

    If you’ve ever shied away from visiting a large city because you want to avoid navigating, parking and driving within, shy no longer. A resort-like campground with a convenient shuttle…

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    The Cumberland Mountains Called and We Came

    With 17 coaches bringing 34 participants to Cumberland Mountain State Park, this is one of the largest and best rally Dixie Leisure Travelers has had. We had people from Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota and Canada. There were a lot of smiles on people’s faces and people really enjoying themselves in a relaxing atmosphere.