Photo Contest Runners-Up

The Notable Favorites

There were many great submissions for the 2015 Photo Calendar Contest that we’ve put together the top 20 runner up images for you to enjoy. Congratulations to our winners who will be featured on the 2015 Leisure Travel Vans Calendar and thank you to all who entered. Happy shooting!

uf22c_Y3bSjqR3FKznV-XsCnLjXpSYr8Y6CzSNd0XF8,u-msFzOrB22pRRyDKhl39oCcdTsTlTgHgpA_OjXRydw,SzMQfy_i-jwsumgiBICw8GNjlSNsNx0y4vUCgMOVz_I,1x3lI6rJDfpf-bv4Mtgl9IkWfczzrEwb__X7hVFVmk4Roadside view of the fall colors near Lake Saint Mary, Glacier National Park. Photo by Alan Lichty.

Ugsz1v_Hts2x3SiNvSSzSouu8ymFggFwcMcsXi8wvK4,7vBLegq02q4_jXW9da48Lv_P1Nho2PYL5GqxBLRpQR8,hcg_kxt-vkOH-GR88qOo_KIONXOAZIqVr2Z4eM9A-Hs,NTsaWY47dT32IJBzPP3K1DohswbaJ-DFlYxGYktKTv4Road adventures in comfort – our shakedown cruise in our new Unity in-front of Bow Lake in Banff National Park. Photo by Freda Montague.

HumK_kCv05AjV-eU9wos7gWitfDw4g9CZIzKv55-DcI,KvVxblST7JJoFYD89m3_ZWcgXfAzN6uKTGWdpljow78,6B2QeuZ8eFqz6ddUnU55F2NHSRB50Xy7Gl8UZ32U2vEThrough the Red Rock tunnel traveling to the Red Rock Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado. Photo by Tobey Cat.

mQdUe36T69OzfMAAqLg9xWJ95_x7JtqS-CI_meghrps,LPA1xFllUZ0y82JgghAIpNOFZHWOltB6VQN4ZSM1e0w,mBCc8IW1fpOYO7PNCAuuVcpeTRlD8Noj8E7CJ_onKUEThe good life. Kicked back in Babcock State Park, West Virginia. Photo by Donna Johnston.BoroUs0hYN0FeYU43aZZGMDwJfgEKGvdXzN2RV0EhGc,GTO6Jo2GQV8cEhb1Z-8aVNlmUUPrv9yH6jth9cekJcUIn Northern Maine along the Chain of Ponds during our east coast trip in September. Photo by Dave Matthews.8QIBF2z81EzHvichtdKnZCpx-_aK1Tg8uWWhNJBrDM8,vT-J6Sik4hxvJj3wZoTP36Pm6hw8YEKbRgl0jW9Kl_8June wildflowers and the Teton Mountains in Grand Teton National Park. Photo by Franklyn Knox.6y3UKuDO46_fU-Xa1-fOWWXuQhXxRW5XyowLp1DbUVsOur Free Spirit in Grand Teton National Park. Photo by Leslie Eppstein.VtU59h2_EVmV-afFXUxkHQDZPUPBmtxWMIstUGt5VAY,5dnJRMKW_X6SfebdYmne3XB8v07hTtWKYJRWwFZvTBE,v_MxgAhooocIrukVfw9AODEIiQfVV9JUmppMEMwSAUM,uEUmJJugZ7w5uE1Cb8dm0ZxGeuqIBAAccgK6dWb06kUI took my 87 year old dad on a tour of the Columbia River Gorge. My first RV is a far cry from his first RV – a brand new 1976 Volkswagen Westfalia picked up in Wolfsburg. But they do share the same German heritage. Photo by Andrew Jansky.Nzpt4-AGngJN0t-xMCjJL-hK0rwX4ljQrFuo4nJhQLo,BAmNjqsg_dhDRJ-qx9cfkGth8eMaiZTvkeUEjrij_LI,fl9kaCoVm_Te6mk9xNXa306Z9gGq3g2GbzeqJcB7o2sSometime the sky offers a treat before a downpour…. it’s no problem in our Unity – we have all the confort inside!. Photo by Danny Grondin.ofjuj2gvApTiAl34tlayODvhZQc65lA6z1jnMP4FcUUDriving in Monument Valley, Arizona. Photo by Don Brueggeman.OrJXNRVt_W_Ly5MH6-Yd9y0ththvqUfkHvwSE5Rxu7M,qejex9eZYbZSR3qyU9r1qiDcpVYGKGWkQmLnhzbnjO8,3pDhmPdEagPp08kf4yoCBlBtU2iZ4cWtTmimCO8ZrfcAdmiring the scenery at Huron Lookout in the Gatineau Park. Photo by André Beaumier.mIVj2sIoYxR-Qh_DJlHsucvBqdlgV3hhktkNPHUNchEThis must be heaven! The clouds parted to display Nature’s finest – right outside our door, at the Icefield Centre near the Columbia Icefield in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Linda Planting.0mAWO-TUnw-O69f06X6w_TSTLDtA0DWwUX0iP05pCDw,vJENS25sca8jGFqhg-dmR8FYBEDEggJHimIAuM5o5o4Enjoying our nightly campfire and star gazing at White River National Forest, Redstone Campground, Colorado. Photo by Marie Carole Aliotta.SG8DZ5qCFwr3wBv5qH9S5G4DKBvsvSpFjNo8PyBkUrsWilson Arch on the way to Moab, Utah. Photo by Don Brueggeman._VPrjAsCjx8Ve_FaH5ryX6E5vXYEtoGMrgG6_qaQWNE,66dlusrhL7r6YT4Atj1cnJyskucivEeIxUoW4J2fPFUA little Serenity at the end of a perfect day! Photo by Chris Taylor.KXOvJPKAdxmxXSA5BKu3u9XMJNbC7It1VTNhqgujyGA,nE8E_ovQRgQHr1y8NZ6vkfd258ninDiNaxSwzjuDT0E,c8yee8nShOyVH_Uqtcjv5Wjr5O-9i85qvnAkT4etFiA,A9rajhJAa4TQ0z8WSehMjVzpnZofIOY5T2nY7zOn758My 2014 Unity TB alongside a nice grove of old growth forest in Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Photo by Alan Lichty.T1f-lDW562X621CDPuzW50Joa0EZP3862HP2FsivncQ,yErI0mnKrlgRrTZcisuNFrWSOkGP_pU89XxP2Db00DQ,fy_LRC_TPw50q_J6B7WHLZC4VS_uZqOMiDarYrBD524,MGsxdomxnS9Q4tkDWd9jztextOInHK6vwHNjrxCOhrY,oM5eVjxfMLxbhqIzQ9YUCtY_iZtn8PUaAIOj-isKRC0For us, there’s a great deal of joy being part of an awesome sunrise or sunset. We really feel that, even if they only last for a little while, those moment are so precious. Life is good! Photo by Dany Grondin.AzRM7EzeNPI4CHp25MuWG4NIydjY1rMDg7sIzGqnYwo,xDyXrYgavVR1B9H9JHP0EeGd06GCBF0NIYaMbmXEvzk,8H3APVSm3kfa6cBp6_l47qOSUHrit9iHlN7cKImosEYOn the open road on Hwy 395 in Oregon. Photo by Christian Massey.SXQKiztFOAcK3weV5V0T-ydeVLinyZXf9Lfg_a0Ew5k,li2WqmpVJzgAxQih-0WDcai0fMsBVcDtqkqr7pkf23E,A2eYagm7zDpfM2Lq9m5Y6rZ0d2zAruUILB_5OwyBba0Devil’s Tower rises majestically over a mesa in Wyoming. Photo by Manuel De Lizarriturri.H2RysMStHBGB9ZRyEt5Lmd-Ymc5mly5an8b56317bqI,Nl2StWocn41oT_EkY_c3CHlO-OdvPiP4P1ddW6YAA2I,QwXUwZdDvNsx641a6DybRd7cmIZuYlxDGZzy8oAcbF8Exploring Zion National Park on mountain bikes. Photo by Robert Widinski.

2015 Photo Calendar Contest

The Results Are In!

The Leisure Travel Vans & Triple E RV’s annual photo contest has officially come to an end and we had very impressive entries this year along with a lot of interaction online. Thank you to all who entered and all who voted and helped spread the word. Below are the results of the contest as well as hand picked staff selects for the 2015 Photo Calendar. Enjoy!

1st Place (Staff Pick)


This photo was taken from theCastello di Amorosa Vinyard in the Napa Valley, St. Helena, California looking back at the vineyard and our lovely 2013 Unity TB. Photo by Brad Shannon.

1st Place (Online Vote)


After a fun & sun filled day of boating, it’s time to relax in our Sweet “B” at Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. Photo by Linda Page.

2nd Place (Staff Vote)


We just returned from our second “shakedown cruise” in our 2015 Unity 24IB. This photo is from lakeside at Calhoun Falls State Park in South Carolina. The 35 degree temps provided a very eerie early morning fog throughout the camp ground that seemed proper for the festive Halloween spirit on display throughout the campground. By the way, the furnace is awesome! Photo by Tom Hirst.

Staff Selections for the 2015 Wall Calendar


One of those rare moment when inside our Unity everything become suddenly quiet. Everyone is speechless facing nature’s wonders. Let’s those event become part of us, that’s what life’s all about. Photo by Dany Grondin.


The Free Spirit SS at Joshua Tree National Park, California. Photo by Wayne Duchart.


At Whistler RV Park & Campground; a peaceful and picturesque destination located twelve kilometers southwest of Whistler Creekside, British Columbia, Canada. Photo by Rachel Lindas.


Driving over the Guadalupe River to meet me on the other side while I’m down stream taking the dogs for a swim in the river. Surrounded by beauty. Photo by Laura Snider.


The Windsor Ruins are in Claiborne County in the U.S. state of Mississippi, about 10 miles (16 km) southwest of Port Gibson near Alcorn State University. The ruins are those of the largest antebellum Greek Revival mansion built in the state, and have been used in various motion pictures. Photo by Manuel and Roz de Lizarriturri.


Monument Rocks are a series of large chalk formations in Gove County, Kansas, rich in fossils. It is a National Natural Landmark. Photo by Sandy Hellman.


Water Pocket Fold along Scenic Drive in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah. Photo by Robert & Marilyn Schultz.


On the edge of an extremely windy cliff, in Cape St Georges Newfoundland, Canada. Photo by Natalie Driver.


A nice sunny morning alongside US Hwy 101 in Northern California near Wilson Creek. Photo by Alan Lichty.


Our 2014 Unity MB, with upgraded Solar Collectors and 900 AHr of additional battery storage, provides almost unlimited dry camping. In early May of 2014, we parked in the Devils Garden campground of Arches National Monument, near Moab, Utah. Photo by Harry Parsonage.