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    April Rally to Charleston, South Carolina

    Charleston. Just the sound of it brings to mind southern gentility. Its history and beauty charm the visitor and captivated our Carolinas LTV group. This is our second Rally with the group who hail from North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and a few from as far as Nova Scotia. I would like to think they were coming to the rally just to meet our little group but I have a feeling the fame of Charleston, South Carolina had something to do with their visit. Nonetheless, we were delighted to see old friends and make new ones at this gathering. Our leaders, Jerry and Debbie Stephens, kept us in line while our hosts Russ and Pennae Johnsen created a perfect itinerary for the visit.

    As our group arrived, we gathered to share a beverage, discuss the itinerary, and learn more about all of the 32 attendees in 16 rigs. It was a relaxed pace that allowed us to recover from our drive and begin reconnecting with friends.