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    RV Wardrobe Storage Tips from a “Reformed” Fashionista

    When it was time for our trip, I dutifully packed through the pared-down clothing list and then stuffed in a few more shirts – just in case. Still, I stuck to my “assigned” spaces (things were pretty snug) and Jim packed with his usual ease. I planned a stop every two weeks for laundry and brought along detergent, a few plastic hangars, and clothespins to do “sink laundry” if necessary. I was sure I would run out of clean clothes.
    The trip was great, I actually wore most of the clothing and the two-week laundry stops worked fine. I never had to do “sink laundry” which was good since we were on the move every day. Some items that I had packed, I just didn’t need and realized I would have liked other items in their place or just a little more space in the closet to prevent wrinkling (and yes, I always take along an iron).