The Southwest LTV Roadrunners meet at Pismo Beach for a Spring Rally

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The Southwest LTV Roadrunners spring rally was held at Pismo Beach, California, from April 29 to May 3, 2024 with 50 Leisure Travel Vans and some local friends in attendance.

It was five days of friendship, fun, learning, and enjoying the sun, the beach, informational talks, sports, sightseeing, and some good seafood in the nearby town of Pismo Beach and the area. The ocean was blue, the sand was white, and the hillsides were covered with beautiful spring flowers.


Most people arrived on Monday, checked in, and settled. Happy Hour was at six different “Gathering Flag” locations. With smaller groups, people got the chance to make new friends and catch up with old ones. The sunset was spectacular, a good omen of things to come.


This was a business day. Towney gave a very informative and well-received tech talk in the morning. After reviewing the systems of our coaches, old and new owners got the chance to ask questions about everything about them. Three hours passed by very quickly.

The afternoon was free to take a bike ride, stroll on the beach, or take a short walk to downtown Pismo Beach to try some of the local seafood, get a souvenir or two, or walk out on the beautiful pier. People found the Gathering Flags had moved, so Happy Hour was a chance to meet more new friends and get reacquainted with old ones.


The San Rucci Winery came to us for a special wine-tasting session. This is a family-owned winery in the area, and one of the family members is part of our LTV family.

The winery specializes in Italian-style wines, mostly reds. We got to taste a white and four reds–all were excellent. Later in the evening, just at sunset, Gordon and Suzi Dupries presented movie night. They screened City Slickers, always a favorite.


This was the last full day of the rally. The highlight was the well-attended Corn Hole Tournament, in which just about everyone participated.

Finally, after many elimination rounds, we ended up with the champions.

Our last gathering was a whole-group Happy Hour with mocktail tasting and hors d’oeuvres hosted by Kimberley Bardin. She is always a gracious hostess!


While many headed home or to other destinations, several coaches traveled south to Flying Flags in Buellton, California, for a couple of days of mini-after-rally Rally. There are many attractions in that area to savor, including the Danish town of Solvang, wineries, farms, and gardens.

Many thanks to the Rally Master, Tim Correy, for organizing this rally well–it went off flawlessly. There was enough to keep everyone informed and happy, enough group activities to participate in, and time to just enjoy the beautiful surroundings: the sea, the sand, the town, and the beautiful blue springtime sky.

The Southwest Roadrunner’s next rally will be in Tucson, Arizona, KOA, October 14 – 18. There will be a pre-rally rally at Catalina State Park in Pima County the weekend before. If anyone is interested in details about these events, send Towney an e-mail at [email protected] for more information.

Written by: Towney Sausville

Southwest LTV Roadrunners

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