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Winterization with Non-toxic Antifreeze

Whether you’re traveling or storing your Unity, once you reach (conservatively) temperatures of 0 degree Celsius / 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below, it’s time to make sure you’re winterizing your RV. While it’s fairly safe if you’re only winterizing at -3 degrees Celsius / 28 degrees Fahrenheit, prolonged use at that temperature will result in freezing. We’ll walk you through every step of that process (including de-winterization) in the following video featuring Brad & Willie of Triple E RV / Leisure Travel Vans to make it really easy.

You can also follow along with the Storage & Winterization process as noted in your owner’s manual as outlined below the video.

  1. Drain fresh water tank as well as drain the waste & grey tanks.
  2. Make sure the water tank heater LP gas switch as well as the water heater 120v is switched is “OFF”. (not required with an on demand water heater)
  3. Drain and flush the hot water tank (not required with an on demand water heater).
  4. Turn the hot water tank by-pass valve to “By-Pass” (not required with an on demand water heater)
  5. Turn the winterize valve to “Winterize.”
  6. Remove the water filter canister, remove the filter cartridge and reinstall the water filter canister.
    1. The Unity Murphy Bed canister is located in the vanity cabinet
    2. The Unity Twin Bed, Island Bed, Corner Bed canister is located in the galley cabinet.
  7. Place the suction hose attached to the winterize by-pass valve into a container filled with non-toxic plumbing antifreeze
  8. Turn the water pump switch “ON” and pump antifreeze through the kitchen faucet, vanity faucet, shower, exterior faucet, toilet and toilet spray (if equipped).
  9. Add approximately 1 cup of antifreeze to each drain outlet.
  10. If Unity is equipped with an exterior macerator, turn on the macerator switch to winterize the pump.
  11. Empty the water filter canister of antifreeze.
  12. Turn pump off.
  13. Open all faucets to release water pressure.
  14. Remove the screen from the city water fill connection and depress center stem until plumbing antifreeze drains out.

Notice: Do not use automotive coolant antifreeze. It is toxic and will contaminate the water system.

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