Vulcan, Alberta

Anna & Peter Masch

My husband and I just bought one month ago, a Free Spirit SS and have been having so much fun travelling around our backyard Alberta. One trip we stopped at Vulcan, Alberta and snapped the attached picture. We think the van looks good in front of the Star Trek Enterprise. We have lived in Calgary, Alberta for over 30 years and never took the time before to stop and enjoy places like this until we got our Free Spirit SS. Thank you Triple E RV.


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  • JD

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful picture. I was wondering to ask you how has been your experience of the FreeS SS? My wife and I are about to take delivery of one and we had never had an RV before. Is there some thing that we should know about in advance. Is there any trick of the trade we should know about it. Please let us know. Our email is

  • Lisa

    Hi! Great Picture! We are getting our Free Spirit SS in April. We haven’t gotten to see one in person. Is there any way someone could send me a picture of the inside of the van with the slide-out in the IN position. It’s never featured that way and it’s hard to imagine how it will be. I’d love a shot from the cab back and from the bath up. Anybody help me?
    Thanks, Lisa you can email me…

  • Jeff Rice

    Hi Lisa, You should check out the Free spirit SS vdeo that stars Dean. Its on youtube, as well as the website. He walks you through the 2015 model, and shows you the van with the slide retracted as well as being out. There are also pics of the FreeSpirit SS on the website also.