Western Sunsetters Jarvis Bay/Sylvan Lake Rally

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17 LTVs attended the Alberta Rally at Jarvis Bay in Sylvan Lake. There were units from Western Canada and the United States. With an approved request to arrive 4 hours early, units began arriving at noon to get set up during the rain in the afternoon. For the remainder of the day, the LTVs arrived up to the early evening.

The group meeting place was located in the Kitchen for arrivals due to the rain. Many past attendees reconnected, and the new members were welcomed by our group of campers.

On Wednesday morning, our group gathered at 10:00 am to take a bus by Frontier Bus Lines to Sylvan Star Cheese Plant. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Jenifer and the staff in their store. From there we were directed to their video/conference room to watch a video introduction on the process of making Gouda cheese.

We then proceeded to tour the facility with stops at the storage and aging rooms, brine tanks, and the wax application station. After that, it was on to the beginning stage of mixing the heat-treated milk in a very large stainless-steel vat which is at a precise temperature. Their motto is “from pasture to plate…quality cheese”.

Thursday morning had somewhat better weather for our outdoor activity which included golf for some. Much of the afternoon was spent connecting with other LTV’ers and helping each other solve some issues that they were having. During the afternoon, several people ventured off on their own, to see some of the surrounding points of interest. With the weather not cooperating and other commitments coming up, some units left early.

Later in the day we ordered and picked up several large pizzas for our dinner and evening gathering which were provided by LTV and made by Doe’s Pizza in Sylvan Lake (Buckwildz).

After completing the meal, Norm Lavoy and Colleen Shippelt had a draw for prizes, provided by LTV to be given away. This group continued socializing into the evening around the large Firepit.

Friday morning started out with some good weather for ending the Rally. Over a period of several hours, each LTV left for their next adventure on the road, or on their way to the next Western Sunsetters Rally in Maple Creek Saskatchewan.

Written by Bruce Shippelt

Western Canada Sunsetters

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