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The 2021 Leisure Travel Vans have recently started to roll off the line and find their way home to many excited new customers. So what’s new for the 2021 model year? A lot! Let’s walk through some of these exciting updates for 2021.

All-New 2020 Ford Transit

At the top of this list is the all-new Ford Transit that the Wonder is built on. With features such as a twin-turbocharged 3.5L EcoBoost® V6, new advanced driver-assist technology, and optional intelligent all-wheel drive, Wonder owners will be taking to the road with new levels of driving confidence. To learn more, watch the 2020 Transit features video below, or read our highlights post.

Wonder Rear Lounge

Built on the 2020 Ford Transit Chassis, the all-new 2021 Wonder Rear Lounge features an innovative layout with a spacious rear living area, modern design, advanced technology, and the smart use of space that Leisure Travel Vans is known for. (Pre-production video rendering of the Wonder Rear Lounge shown below.)

The highlight of the floorplan is the rear lounge featuring a sectional sofa, and nearly floor-to-ceiling windows allowing you to enjoy immersive views of your campsite. Learn more about the Wonder Rear Lounge or build and configure your very own!

New Standard & Optional Features

The Unity and Wonder product lines have been updated with many new convenient standard features for 2021. Soft-close drawers are now standard across all models, adding an extra touch of luxury. The accessory rail found in many of our galleys and lavatories received an update and now utilizes magnets to attach accessories for easier use. Other new standard features include a surge protector, flip-down towel bar in the shower, updated (and much easier to use) baggage door latches, and an improved exterior shower.

2021 Wonder Rear Lounge featuring the new magnetic accessory rail system and new Concrete Corian® countertops.

For those who want to bring a friend or the grandkids, a new inflatable bed system for the front dinette is now available as an option on the Unity Island Bed, Twin Bed, and Rear Lounge.

With the switch to the EcoBoost®gas engine on the new Ford Transit, the Wonder’s generator has been updated to a 4.0KW Onan gas model. Other Wonder updates include the addition of a Bluetooth smartphone app for the Firefly Multiplex system, allowing you to monitor and control many of the RV’s functions from your mobile phone, as well as an updated awning switch location behind the passenger seat.

Optional Lithium Batteries

At last! New for the 2021 model year, all Leisure Travel Vans are available with optional Dual 12V 100 Amp Hour Lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have many advantages over other battery types, including a much higher rate of usable energy. LTV’s Lithium batteries even feature a built-in heating function, allowing them to be charged in colder weather. If the heating function is not desired (as it does draw some power), it can easily be turned off from a switch located above the entrance door.

Décor Updates

Although many of our popular décor options carry over for the 2021 model year, here are few highlights. The Unity Rear Lounge and the all-new Wonder Rear Lounge are now available in the stunning Natural Rift or Cashmere cabinetry. We also have one new Corian®countertop option, Concrete, which replaces Stone.

Rendering of the 2021 Unity Rear Lounge shown in Natural Rift cabinetry.
New for 2021 – Concrete Corian®

Stay tuned to the Leisure Travel Vans website as we continue to add 2021 photos, videos, virtual tours and more!

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