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2025 marks a significant milestone for Triple E RV, with the company celebrating its 60th anniversary. Along with the anniversary come many new and exciting updates that greatly enhance the utility and functionality of all Unity and Wonder models. Continue reading to find out what’s new for 2025 Leisure Travel Vans.

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Electrical Enhancements

Discover new levels of freedom with the electrical upgrades found in all 2025 Leisure Travel Vans. The available 540-Ah battery system with standard 3000-W inverter provides plenty of power to keep you comfortable while off-grid, while upgraded components with added touchscreen control panel integrations offer greater convenience, control, and peace of mind during your travels.

Standard 270-Ah Smart Lithium Battery System

Spend more time exploring off-grid with the all-new standard 270-Ah 12-V smart lithium battery. The battery has an internal heating system, allowing it to be charged at lower temperatures, and now features state-of-charge functionality.

Optional 540-Ah 12-V Smart Lithium Battery System (Optional)

Expand your boondocking capabilities by adding a second 270-Ah smart lithium battery, boosting your Leisure Travel Van’s battery system to an impressive 540-Ah.

3000-W Inverter with 150-A Charger

The upgraded standard 3000-W pure sine wave inverter/charger provides ample power for your RV’s AC components, such as the air conditioner, microwave, TVs, and more. For added convenience, all interior and exterior electrical outlets are now inverted. The inverter controls have now been integrated into the touchscreen control panel to further simplify the electrical system.

Inverted Truma Aventa Eco Air Conditioner with Soft-Start

The ultra-quiet Truma Aventa air conditioner perfectly balances cooling and humidity while minimizing noise in a contemporary, energy-efficient, low-profile design. New for 2025, the Truma air conditioner now features a soft-start and can run off battery power, providing more flexibility and comfort in remote camping areas.

Updated Multiplex Control System

The Multiplex Wiring Control System makes monitoring and controlling your Leisure Travel Van simple, either from the 7″ touchscreen control panel or mobile app. New for 2025, several new components, including the inverter, battery system, solar controller, and surge protector/transfer switch, have been integrated into the system, further simplifying your RV’s controls.

Smart Surge Protector with Transfer Switch

The upgraded smart surge protector with transfer switch protects your LTV from sudden power surges or voltage spikes, as well as automatically transfers AC power sources when required. Best of all, all of this can be conveniently monitored from the touchscreen control panel.

Smart MPPT Solar Controller

New for 2025, the updated, the more efficient 30-A MPPT solar controller allows you to conveniently monitor the output of the optional 200-W or 400-W solar panels via the RV’s touchscreen control panel or mobile app.

Battery Monitoring

See your battery’s charge percentage with the new state-of-charge functionality.


60th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate 60 years of RV innovation, a 60th Anniversary Edition package was introduced earlier this year. Taking a modern approach to the diamond anniversary, the commemorative 60th Anniversary Edition package will be exclusively available for the 2025 Leisure Travel Vans model year and is available on all Unity and Wonder models.

Explore the 60th Anniversary Edition

Build your 60th Anniversary Edition

New Unity Standard Features

2025 Unity FX shown with the new standard Leisure Lounge reclining chairs

Updated Leisure Lounge and Murphy Bed System (Unity FX)

The 2025 Unity FX features the completely redesigned patented Leisure Lounge system featuring upgraded dual reclining chairs, an updated dinette table system, and the much-requested full-time panoramic window, drawing in an abundance of natural light to the coach in both day and night modes.

2025 Unity Corner Bed shown with the new standard Dinette+

All-New Dinette+ System (Unity Corner Bed)

For those looking to travel with more than two, the all-new standard Dinette+ system changes the game for the Unity Corner Bed. The new, extendable dinette benches pull out to create twin beds, large enough for two adults. Alternatively, the provided filler cushion can be used to form a vast 67″ × 76″ queen bed. Rounding out the new Dinette+ system is a larger picture window, an improved table lift system, and integrated storage cubbies on either side of the slide-out. No need for the extra beds? No problem — utilize the space beneath the benches to store oversized, bulkier items.

2025 Unity Murphy Bed shown with standard Leisure Lounge Plus

Leisure Lounge System (Unity Murphy Bed)

Now standard for 2025, the patented Leisure Lounge Plus system boasts dual oversized Ultrafabrics® swivel chairs with power recliners for multiple seating configurations. Integrated head and footrests, as well as pop-up armrests, allow additional customization, creating a comfortable area for relaxing, lounging, and dining.

Other new standard features on the Unity for 2025 include additional shoe storage located in the stepwell and an updated, 62” wide baggage compartment on the Murphy Bed Lounge model beneath the slide-out.

New Unity Optional Features

2025 Unity Corner Bed shown with optional Leisure Lounge

All-New Leisure Lounge System (Unity Corner Bed)

The Unity Corner Bed model’s patented Leisure Lounge design reimagines the standard booth dinette as a versatile relaxation area that easily converts to a dinette with an integrated table. The dual reclining chairs’ power footrests and backrests provide next-level comfort, while the large picture window bathes the Unity with an abundance of natural light. Moreover, a new 15 cu. ft. exterior storage compartment with an adjustable shelf brings the total exterior storage space to an impressive 48 cu. ft.

Explore the new Unity Corner Bed with Leisure Lounge

540-Ah 12-V Smart Lithium Battery System

Expand your boondocking capabilities by adding a second lithium battery, boosting your Leisure Travel Van’s battery system to an impressive 540-Ah.

Discontinued for Unity

Standard Leisure Lounge System (Unity Murphy Bed), U-Lounge dinette (Unity Corner Bed)

New Wonder Standard Features

Ducted air-conditioning is standard on all Wonder models

New for 2025, all Wonder floorplans feature ducted air conditioning, providing an even flow of cool air throughout the RV. Combined with the quiet and efficient Truma Aventa air conditioner, this new standard feature continues to bring the comforts of home to life on the road in your LTV. The Murphy Bed Lounge and Rear Lounge models also receive an updated, 58” wide baggage compartment on the driver side, perfect for longer items such as golf clubs or fishing rods.

New Wonder Optional Features

540-Ah 12-V Smart Lithium Battery System

Expand your boondocking capabilities by adding a second lithium battery, boosting your Leisure Travel Van’s battery system to an impressive 540-Ah.

Discontinued for Wonder

Wonder Front Twin Bed

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