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We were on a mission to shoot some brochure-quality photographs

The day started bright and early, just after 5 AM. Apparently it’s quite chilly at that time of day, but with a quick coffee we were out the door. We were on a mission to shoot some brochure quality photographs of the two RV’s we had brought out to the Whiteshell Provincial Park. On some summer mornings, there is a beautiful “misty” fog over the lake, and we were hoping that we would be so fortunate.

Well, it turns out that missing a few hours of sleep that morning was most certainly worth it. We shot a number of photos around the lakes in the Whiteshell before heading off to Kenora to see if we could find some different backdrops there.

With a good portion of the exterior photos for the 2013 brochures taken in one day, I’d say overall the day was a success. Here’s a few of the photos from the day.


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