The Leisure List: My Dream LTV Trip

Plan Your Dream LTV Trip

Planning a trip begins with a dream, then come the plans, and later, the execution. We have designed a tool based on the Leisure List, a unique feature on the LTV Blog, where owners share their favorite destinations from a diverse array of topics, from campgrounds to scenic drives to points of interest and everything in between. Each item already inside the Leisure List Collections was added by LTVers, for LTVers, and are thoughtfully explored destinations you can confidently enjoy.

We invite you to share your Dream LTV Trip with us using all of the Leisure List map tools. This could be a trip you recently took in your LTV or perhaps a future trip you are currently dreaming of or planning!

This Leisure List is in a different format. Please follow the instructions to ensure a seamless delivery and read the terms and conditions prior to entering.

    1. Log into your MyLTV account. If you don’t have an account, creating one is easy! Create a MyLTV account.
    2. Submit all the locations you want using our simple share your favorite spots form. Campgrounds, points of interest, boondocking locations, national and state parks, and even restaurants, the more details, the better! Here’s a video on how to share your spots.
    3. Once you submit all your locations, you’ll need to compile these locations into a single List. This is done by clicking the heart icon and adding them to a single List. Here’s a video on how to create a List. You will be awarded one draw entry for each location you add to your list–the more, the merrier.
    4. You’re almost there! Finally, enter the details of your trip into the form below. Feel free to submit as many trips as you like with as many locations as you like. Please note: you must submit a new form for each list you create.

If you are finding any of these steps challenging or confusing, please reach out to Shania Ginter on the Marketing Team at [email protected]. She is here to help you seamlessly share your trips and locations.

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