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Club Overview

Texoma Travelers is a chapter in our Leisure Travelers Club. Leisure Travel Vans owners have developed regional Leisure Travelers Club chapters. Each chapter has a travelers club head that coordinates all of the area events. Each chapter has an annual rally and other LTV events for interested Leisure owners. We also have a Facebook page (Texoma Travelers). In there you will find club information, owner discussions, member introductions, and just a place to say Howdy. We invite and encourage you as an owner to sign up through Leisure Travel Vans and join our group and activities. We currently have 98 members as of 3/23/2019.
Our Mission Statement:
Above all purposes is to ENJOY LIFE TO IT'S FULLEST.

The purposes of the LTV Texoma Travelers RV club:
To operate as a non-profit travel club. Free of club membership fees and activity charges. Its sole purpose is for club members and visiting LTV owners to enjoy each other's fellowship and travel together in their Leisure Travel Vans.
To organize and conduct trips and gatherings known as caravans and rallies for its members with their Leisure Travel Vans.
To welcome and not exclude anyone who owns a Leisure Travel Van and those waiting to take delivery of an LTV recreational vehicle.
And the final purpose to take reasonable and necessary actions to accomplish these stated purposes.


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