The Western Sunsetters

Club Overview

The Western Sunsetters chapter of the Leisure Travelers Clubs operates throughout the four Western Canadian provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Additionally, we extend an invitation to interested and registered LTV owners residing beyond our geographical boundaries to become part of our community.

The Western Sunsetters Travelers Club brings together LTV owners in our region through two to three planned rallies each year. Our dedicated planning team consists of Club Leaders and Rally Coordinators, who are volunteers from different provinces in the region. This collaborative effort ensures the successful organization and execution of our rallies, fostering a sense of community among LTV enthusiasts.

Participating in a travel club fosters a sense of closeness and friendship among people who share similar interests. By taking part in group rallies and activities, members can expand their circle of friends, gain knowledge about their LTV systems, and learn from the experiences of others. Additionally, they are exposed to various DIY projects and equipment options, allowing them to draw inspiration for their own endeavours. Furthermore, travel club members have the opportunity to explore new destinations, visit local venues, and engage in diverse activities, enriching their travel experiences.


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