Leisure VR

A better experience.

Beginning April 1st, all Leisure Travel Vans will ship with paired VR headsets that allow you to choose and transform your RV into any floorplan. Everywhere you travel with your LTV, our VR sonar system records your location so that you can unlock and revisit anytime from the comfort of your driveway. Watch the video to learn more.

A new kind of reality.

Virtual Reality is about to take that next leap forward and help change the landscape of RVing as we know it. We spent the last 5 years working with Silicon Valley's top computer engineers to take things a step further and blend virtual and physical worlds.

Never worry about recharging RV batteries again. Dry camp as long as you want. Enjoy a 3 hour hot shower while saving the environment. Enjoy the greenest RV experience possible.

Download a different floor plan that fits your daily mood.

Leisure VR Leisure VR

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Customize your Leisure Travel Van to fit your lifestyle with our interactive build & price tool to pair with your new VR RV.

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