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2018 is officially in the books. It was another exciting year for us at Leisure Travel Vans. Some highlights included our Vegas and Winkler customer rallies, dealer training in Kansas City, and of course the launch of the all-new, award-winning Wonder Rear Twin Bed! However, we wanted to know, what was our customers’ travel highlight of the year? We reached out, and were inspired by the results! Below are some highlights from LTV owners. We hope they inspire you for your 2019 travel plans!


An 8-week trip through the American and Canadian Rockies, then on to Vancouver Island, then northern California to meet family, followed by the annual LTV Rally in Winkler, and home across Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Some 9,200 miles total. - Bill & Denise


The highlight this year was the trip to the Rally in Las Vegas in our new Travel Van. We enjoyed meeting new people, the “dam” tour and the circus entertainment and the info shared by Leisure Van staff. The food was very good too and who could ask for better weather? The scenery on our route down and back is always great and very enjoyable. – George


Paired up with a couple, our newbie LTV friends in our two 2018 Unity MB’s and set off for a wonderful trip out west from SWFL. More than 5,000 trouble-free, fascinating miles in luxury. Memories to last a lifetime! - Dennis & Lisa


Although our 2004 Regency is not in the class of the newer and bigger RVs, we do thoroughly enjoy driving where our family members and the grandchildren go to enjoy nature. It is not what you have, it is what you do with what you have. As the children start to age and drop off to go out on their own path, we hope that they retain the love of nature as we do. Happy camping. – Robert


Canadian Rockies. Camping in Jasper National park where you must be under 28 ft. And the unforgettable drive down to Lake Louise. Perfect shakedown trip for our 2018 Unity TB. No better way to tour than in a LTV.


Meeting great people who had also evacuated from Hurricane Florence in our campground. They loved our Serenity. One family loved it so much I learned later they purchased one! Happy New Year ENJOY the journey… – Sherry


Highlights conjure up thoughts of single events on a journey. It is more like a continuous adventure, where a clock and a calendar take second place to simple pleasures and grand landscapes when travelling the back roads of America. - Larry


Taking 2-3 weeks to travel to Florida from Wisconsin visiting family and friends and staying mostly at public campgrounds then into the Keys for 10 days. We are 5 years into our Leisure Travel Van with multiple 6 week trips (almost 100,000 miles) and still loving it. Looking forward to many more. – John


Toured the Canadian Maritimes in our Regency GT24MB. Tripped started in Florida and continued along the East Coast until reaching our starting point in New Brunswick, CA. - Bruce & Debbie


Cresting multiple WY & CO passes above 9,000 feet in my Unity with my engine just purring along. – Bill


Hard to pick just one! I think it would be camping near Osoyoos on Anarchist Mountain on the edge of my brother's property. The view was ever changing, ever beautiful!


Attending the November Newport Beach Rally with the Southwest Roadrunners. Meeting other LTV owners was fun and educational for “newbie” RV’ers. – Lani


We travelled to Alaska with the Southwest Roadrunners, a trip captained by Dennis and Darlene Thorig. We were on the road for 9,000 miles and 10 weeks. We were glad to have had a year with our RV prior to the start of the journey to learn about its systems. - Chuck


It’s so hard to choose a favorite. Traveling in the summer of 2018 had many bright spots. From our home in San Antonio, TX we went all the way to Prince Edward Island which I would say was definitely a highlight. Scenery there is beautiful and diverse and the people are super helpful and friendly. I must say that an additional highlight was “coincidentally” meeting another LTV couple in a Maine campground. We visited, ate lobster, drank wine and on our way back from PEI stopped off at their home in NH and had a great dinner and visit. We’ve stayed in touch and look forward to sharing other experiences along the way. We truly love our LTV and the adventures and relationships we’ve been blessed to receive because of it. – Nancy


We made the pilgrimage ... to Winkler! Our greatest trip yet was to the LTV Rally in Winkler. We learned so much and met so many other awesome owners. The factory tour only reinforced my reasons for buying a Unity. It was obvious the people working there were happy and conscientious, dedicated craftsman. We made so many friends and shared some good times, that will be remembered always. Thanks, LTV for letting us enjoy our travels in safety and comfort! - Dwight


We planned our first trip with “Foxy” to last six weeks. Our Serenity was up to the task. After delivering our grandchildren to Houston, Texas we traveled the southern coastline to Florida and proceeded north along the coastline to Maine. We enjoyed meandering further eastward into Canada, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island then driving as far north in Canada we came back west and turned south to visit “Foxy “ origins—Triple E in Winkler, Canada. It was just a straight shot south home to Sutton, Nebraska. Job well done, “Foxy”. – Ardell & Linda


Walking along a deserted beach on the Florida Panhandle ... white sand, blue water, gentle breeze and just us! The state park at Cape San Blas was a delightful respite after weeks on the road. - Robin


We drove 20,000 miles from Florida to Alaska and back in our 2017 Unity MB. On our way to Alaska, we stopped in Winkler, took the tour and met the infamous Dean. Visited Glacier National Park before heading north. On our way back, we hit all the National Parks in Utah and several in Colorado. Next, we did the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky and stopped in New Orleans on the way home. Took us 5 months. Of course, the LTV performed flawlessly. – Alan


That’s an easy question to answer. Rich Rihn and I enjoyed an unforgettable 7 month RV trip in our 2018 Leasure Travel Van Unity MB exploring 22 states and 19 National Parks. We travelled 12,000 miles with our 1972 vintage “Bug” in tow getting 15 mpg on the trip. Too many highlights to name to be sure and fellow RVers are the friendliest people anywhere. - John


We traveled from Homer Alaska to Katmia National Park, Brooks Camp. We flew over in a Cessna 206 on floats landing on Naknek Lake near the lodge for some Brown bear viewing. We were greeted by a sow and three cubs strolling down the beach less than 10 feet from our plane, we waited inside the plane while they wandered by. Our purpose was to view Brown bears fishing at Brooks falls. We were there middle of July with 16 bears at the falls. A great trip well worth the experience. – Bradley


Our 11-day visit to Haida Gwaii was the travel highlight of the year for us. We were blessed with beautiful weather that allowed us to soak in the traditions and sites of the wonderful Haida people. Our 7-week tour took us to the west coast of the U.S. and Canada, and the famous national parks in Montana and Wyoming. In spite of the beauty at just about each stop Haida Gwaii maintains a unique niche in our travel experiences. - Robert & Judy


Two weeks in a Victoria BC harbor front site at the beautiful First Nation Salish Seaside RV Haven, walking along the inner harbor pathway to the Empress and nearby shops and restaurants, using the water taxi to fisherman’s wharf and electric bicycling along bike paths and the coast to the city’s various neighborhoods. We made another reservation for next September. – Gino


We spent the summer “Wonder”ing and introducing our new yellow lab puppy, Emma to RV travel. Spent time in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, along with Craters of the Moon National Monument.


My wife and I headed down to Paradise, California, site of the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history. The fire, which started on November 8, resulted in at least 85 people losing their lives and nearly 20,000 buildings destroyed. My wife and I were able to travel down to Paradise, CA from our home in the Portland, OR area to volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse. We worked with the homeowners to sift through the remnants of their homes to find items which were meaningful and important to them. We “camped” in our 2014 Unity for five nights in the parking lot of Calvary Chapel Chico. Our work helped bring closure and some joy to people who had suffered and lost so much. And for us, it was a blessing to have “our beds” to come home to each night after a strenuous, stressful day searching for “treasures”. – Mike


Traveling for 10 weeks from So CA to Prince Rupert and taking the Marine Hwy to Alaska and returning through Yukon and New Brunswick. Many tours of our LTV Unity were provided to admirers! - Ann


Saw my first grizzly bear in Yellowstone NP. Watched as he foraged on a hillside for at least an hour and then laid down for a nap. Both of us. – Doug


Unquestionably, our 2018 highlight was our LTV caravan to Alaska. For many that joined us on this trip, it was a trip of a lifetime. The 62 day / 6,000 mile journey seemed breviloquent. One of the great things about our travel to Alaska is that we found out how many good and kind people there are. English writer Izaak Walton said it best, “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” - Dennis

What was your travel highlight of 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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