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The close of another year is always a great chance to pause and look back. For us, some highlights from 2019 included our Annual Fall Rally in Winkler, the arrival of our next generation Unity Rear Lounge, and the chance to hear from so many of you via submissions to our Leisure List posts. We asked our customers to send us their 2019 travel highlights, and LTV owners came through with so many stories of adventures over the past 12 months. Read through the highlights here to see what LTVers got up to this past year, and share your own favorite moments in the comments at the end of the post. Here’s to even more great travel adventures in 2020!

I realized my dream this year to bicycle across the USA! Starting at the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon, and ending at the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia, my wife drove our Unity FX, with our dog, from town to campground to national park to big city to the middle of nowhere while we visited friends and family, taking in the breadth of the country! - Steve

“My husband and I spent five months “Wandering in Wonder,” traveling from Florida to Alaska and back. During our epic journey we covered almost 23,000 miles and visited over 20 national, state, and provincial parks in the U.S. and Canada. – Sheryl”

Took our Wonder on the ferry to Newfoundland and Labrador. Traveled the Trans-Canada from end to end plus up to Labrador. One of the most incredible parts of Canada and the people are wonderful. Spent a month checking out all the little towns and villages and could easily have spent another month. - Ron

“One of our 2019 highlights was taking our 4-year-old grandson to visit the family homestead farm. He “drove” a tractor. We went to the local pumpkin patch and apple orchard. He had homemade ice cream and we all had a wonderful day traveling in our LTV. – Sherry”

Our highlight was spending 7 months and 16,000 miles in our 2019 LTV U24MB, traveling from Southern California along the gulf of Mexico around the entire Eastern Seaboard up to Nova Scotia and P.E.I. - Scott & Julie

“Eight states, two provinces and 5,700 miles of pure joy in September. – Doug”

My wife, Deborah, and I spent seven weeks traveling more than 9,000 miles in the style and comfort of our new 2019 Unity MB LTV, pictured here in the setting sun at Inks Lake State Park in Texas. Our southerly sojourn took us from Imperial, California to Key West, Florida and back, with visits to 15 states along the way. - Thomas

“We thoroughly enjoyed an autumn return visit to Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, WI, in Door County. The colors, the food, and the arts and crafts festivals are among the the best in the country. Check out the goats on the roof of Al Johnson’s restaurant in nearby Sister Bay. – Stefan”

Exploring Idaho's high country lakes with our kayaks. The Unity is just the right size to pull our kayak trailer and still fit in small campgrounds. It affords us new-found freedom. - Janet

“Our 2019 Highlight was driving up the Dempster Highway (510 miles one way of dirt road, and very remote) to the Arctic Ocean, spending the night in our LTV beachfront and watching the Northern Lights over the Arctic Ocean. – Anthony”

I spent 3 months touring the Pacific Northwest in my Serenity. As a photographer, I worked on a personal photo project while getting the chance to visit 6 national parks! - Jack

“Our travel highlight for 2019 was the LTV Rally in Winkler, Manitoba. We were blown away by the whole wonderful experience, from the friendliness of the people, to the factory tour, the rally events, the service appointment, and the food graciously provided. I know that we will not be able to replicate this next year due to the high volume of people wanting to do this, but we will remember everything that we enjoyed and hope to make another sojourn up there in the near future! – Annette”

My highlight of 2019 was camping on the beach at Port Aransas, Texas, where I watched dolphins surfing the bow wake of incoming tankers, followed by windsurfing out my front door. - Randy

“We traveled to one of the four corners of the earth, as designated by the Flat Earth Society. The location is on top of a hill on Fogo Island, which is an island off of the island of Newfoundland. – Les”

A trip to the Salton Sea in November was a quiet and relaxing time spent looking at the sunset and watching the twinkling lights of the west shore become visible. - Larry

“What a summer! We traveled west to visit four U.S. National Parks and were just overwhelmed by the beauty of the desert and mountain landscapes. I think my favorite was Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, visting the Park in early morning and climbing through the rock “fins” to view Sand Dune Arch. Spectacular! – Robin”

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. - Nick

“2019 has been fantastic – more than 4 months in our LTV CB. We discovered new areas in the southwest US, and in late summer, Newfoundland and Labrador. Finally, one month in a hired RV in New Zealand. You can’t ask for more! – Jean-Francois”

Our peak season highlight was Teal Campground in southwest Colorado. - Pete

“There were many highlights on our trip east last summer, but the tidal flats and expanses of mud and seaweed were fascinating to us “woodsy” people from Central Ontario. – Marilyn”

Getting our kicks on Route 66 was fun and easy in our Unity TB. - Joseph

“Highlight of 2019 was acquiring my LTV Unity. After going through a tough 6 months personally, it finally gave me the freedom to explore and breathe again. I will remember those first few months for the rest of my life, and hope to continue forward with amazing journeys and opportunities to explore. – Corey”

Our first RV and our first trip from London, Ontario to Bay Fortune in PEI. What a blast. Our 2019 Wonder RTB handled the trek perfectly! - Franklin

“A leisurely trip in our Unity from Western Canada to Nashville, for an amazing performance of the Grand Ole Opry in the Ryman Auditorium. – Kevin”

One of our 2019 LTV travel highlights was camping in free USFS land for the first time. After a morning of biking and fishing in the Black Hills of South Dakota, we headed north on our way to the annual LTV Rally in Winkler. Without a parking plan, we found the Reva Gap Campground on an app shortly before sunset and hoped to grab one of the few parking spots. We were rewarded with a primo spot atop a grassy hill, in a cul-de-sac, all by ourselves, and just steps from the canyon overlook. - Teresa

“Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in June, where we walked the International Bridge to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We also toured the Sault Locks, then on Labor Day we walked the Mackinac Bridge. – Paul”

McCall, Idaho – so picturesque and definitely a destination spot. - Scott

“Inge and I were on the return portion of our trip home from Vancouver when we spent two nights at Christina Lake in Gladstone Provincial Park, BC, along the Crowsnest. It is reputed to have the warmest, clearest water in Canada. I think we have to agree. Marvelous! – Von”

We drove our LTV Unity FX from rock to rock – Newfoundland to Vancouver Island! Took us 3 1/2 months. It was a trip of a lifetime. - Deborah

“Visiting beautiful PEI in the Canadian Maritimes. Incredible vistas, warm and welcoming people, and delicious meals of lobster and potatoes were all such wonderful experiences we would recommend to all. Traveling in our UTB made it easy and comfortable. We continue to enjoy going places and seeing things with the comfort of our own home making it possible. – Kathy”

Traveled to Alaska and the West Coast from Central Ohio in our 2015 Unity MB. 12,000 miles in 4 months, 3 weeks. - Bill

“Shortly after picking up our new 2019 U24MB, we headed out for a 60-day, 5,000-mile adventure around the central and western United States. Our longest stay in any one place was also the highlight of our trip: Estes Park Colorado and the Rocky Mountain National Park. – John”

My travel highlight for 2019 was attending the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta with 70 other LTVs. Our group included LTVs from across Canada and the US. Sharing the experience with friends we have met through our LTV and meeting so many new friends was phenomenal. We knew purchasing our LTV would provide lots of new opportunities, but we never imagined how many wonderful people we would meet along the way. - Ann

Have your own favorite travel moment from 2019? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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